Visualize Your Work with Card View for Faster Execution


Visualize Your Work with Card View for Faster Execution

Card View is designed to give you and your teams a visual way to streamline communication and coordinate workflow from start to finish. We’re continually improving the way Card View works to help you work more effectively. 

Not familiar with Card View yet? Card View is inspired by Kanban boards - a work visualization style designed to let teams easily manage their work. Using Card View, the columns and rows in Smartsheet are replaced by lanes of cards that let you visually track the flow of your work from start to finish. 

Our recent improvements to Card View make it easier to add and edit items, as well as manage resource allocation. Here are a few of the key changes we made to Card View in our last release.

Add Cards Quickly

The new “+” button now lets you quickly add a card and edit the title inline without opening up the entire card dialog, so you don’t have to slow down as you add ideas, tasks, and other items in Card View. Simply click the "+" button, type the title of the card, and hit enter to create a card. Need to add details? Just click on the pencil icon in the card.

View Card in Grid View/View Row in Card View

Now you can switch between rows in Grid View and cards in Card View without losing track of what you’re looking at in that moment. Right click on a card and select “View Card in Grid View” to jump to the row that contains that same item in Grid View. Or if you’re in Grid View, click the drop down at the end of the row and select “View Row in Card View” to jump to that card in Card View.

Use Contact Column as a Lane 

You can pivot Card View to different lanes to look at your data in different ways. In Card View, a lane is equivalent to a value in a dropdown column in Grid View, so each available option in View by represents a dropdown list column in your sheet. For example, you can pivot by status or priority. In addition to pivoting on dropdown values, you can view Card View lanes by contacts. This allows you to use any Contact List column type in your sheet.

Resource Management Icon

Do you use Smartsheet to track and review how people are allocated across all of the projects they’re working on? If you’ve enabled resource management in the Dependency Settings of your project sheet, as you assign tasks to other users on your account, Smartsheet will alert you when a resource is overbooked. When using Card View to manage your teams’ resource allocations, over-allocation icons will display in the card ribbon for sheets that have resource management enabled. Pivot by assignee to quickly reallocate resources as needed to make sure your work stays on track. 

Other Improvements

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we’ve made a few other improvements to Card View as well, including the ability to add cards to the Uncategorized lane and the ability to open the edit row form by hitting enter on a selected card. 

Learn more about what you can do with Card View from our help article here, or access the card view templates in the app templates here.



changes to card view

Perfect - not being able to find a card in the grid view easily was really bugging me - and hitting enter to bring up the edit view is great! Well done:)

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