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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Email to Manage Work

“You’ve got mail!” Remember when the little ding and the automated voice alerting you of new messages made you run to your computer, excited to read emails? Back then, a new email was probably from a friend or family member, and it was somewhat of a special occasion to receive one and write back. How things have changed. Today, we get hundreds of emails a week, from promotions to sales pitches to newsletters. And, on top of all that, email seems to be the new form of communication at the workplace, with colleagues and bosses emailing about every single thing (rather than walking up to you and asking). Now, it would really be a special occasion if we didn’t receive any email at work.
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New in Smartsheet: Gantt and calendar on reports
Save time and gain greater control over your work with Smartsheet’s newest features. With Gantt and calendar views on summary reports and enhanced update requests, you now have more power to choose the level of detail you want to share. You can send a project rollup to executives or share a single row to an external collaborator for a quick status update. We’re also announcing a new self-service experience that lets you easily manage and configure accounts at any time with user auto-provisioning and authentication settings, for Enterprise users only.
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Centric Digital Goes Paperless with Smartsheet

Centric Digital, a fast-growing digital transformation company, knows how important it is to ‘walk the walk.’ When you’re helping Fortune 500 companies go digital, pen and paper just don’t belong. That’s why Centric Digital’s team of designers, developers, and client relations teams work 100% in the cloud, with Smartsheet as one of the most indispensable apps in their toolkit. No, printers, no fax machines, no copy room or file cabinets, no paper...period.

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Killer Time Savers: Automate Weekly Status Reports

Smartsheet Killer Time Savers: Team Status Reports
I covet more time: more time for important work, more time with my spouse and kids, more time with friends, more time to work out and get healthy. I (used to) hate creating weekly status reports -- while important, they feel like a waste of time. So often status reports are simply a manual process of collecting data that already exists elsewhere and tracking down people for insights and status. I started playing around with ways to simplify the process and save time. This simple solution has saved me and my team time, created more consistency in the frequency of our reports, and has improved data quality.
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