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Ensuring PMO leadership, project managers, and your internal and external customers are aligned regarding your organization's PMO can be a challenging process. There is a general inefficiency due to traditional methods of managing projects, portfolios, and enforcing consistent PMO program operations. These traditional methods and tools usually include Excel worksheets, Microsoft Project, and a litany of meetings and emails with no formalized approval processes for project go - no go. Just as painful as inefficiency is a general lack of program visibility which leads to lower internal accountability, often causing program delays. PMO groups struggle to forecast future demands on their team, and often
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Card View is designed to give you and your teams a visual way to streamline communication and coordinate workflow from start to finish. We’re continually improving the way Card View works to help you work more effectively. Not familiar with Card View yet? Card View is inspired by Kanban boards - a work visualization style designed to let teams easily manage their work. Using Card View, the columns and rows in Smartsheet are replaced by lanes of cards that let you visually track the flow of your work from start to finish. Our recent improvements to Card View make it easier to add and edit items, as well as manage resource allocation. Here are a few of the key changes we made to Card View in our last
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