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Too often inefficient processes fly under the radar and are flagged as not worth addressing or are chalked up as being 'a cost of doing business'. In other instances, processes that are recognized as solid targets for improvement, often don't make the cut. The cost? Time, money, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty...just to name a few.

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We launched Smartsheet formulas two weeks ago. Your initial reaction may be – "hey, what’s new about formula support?"  Before you jump to that conclusion, think beyond summing a few cells or calculating an average. Those are important...but only part of the value proposition.

Combining Smartsheet's work management features with formulas enables you to track and manage a diverse set of work. After just a few days of formulas being available to customers, a few have already shared some creative use cases. Here are three that stood out:

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New technology is enabling people, not machines to produce massively scalable work

The next gusher in productivity and profit will come not from technology replacing humans, but rather technology enabling humans to do work that to date hasn’t been economically viable. The shift should give companies a sharp rise in productivity, and will particularly help lift small businesses and sole proprietorships as they tap this reservoir of revenue.

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