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Smartsheet helps manage committees.
Higher ed committees are incredibly diverse in their purposes. From Board of Trustees to student engagement initiatives to milestone-based committees banded around a single issue, their goals run the gamut of possibilities — but are still a ubiquitous part of working in academia. So why isn’t there a cohesive, sane, and simple way of managing them? People “lose their minds” managing a committee mainly due to the difficulty of working around many parties with conflicting schedules (not to mention conflicting opinions). Roles are unclear, especially in milestone-driven committees working toward specific goals on a tight schedule. Unlike traditional corporate settings in which all workers
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Utilizing the Pareto Principle to enhance customer experience.
Regardless of industry, the key to marketing success isn’t creating a bunch of flashy sales materials. It’s ensuring that customers can easily and immediately grasp what your product can do for them. In the case of Smartsheet, we’ve developed videos, tutorials, blogs, and much more to help customers understand how our best features could add value to their organizations. But you know what? When we looked closer at our lead generation data, we found that most of our new users didn’t come from the content we created to drive sales. As helpful as those materials are, a majority of our signups come from those who dove in headfirst and simply started using our product. Consider this while
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Download Smartsheet's e-book on avoiding project pitfalls.
You’re managing a complex project with dozens of stakeholders. You’re juggling resources, budgets, and change requests — and then, you realize a deadline has slipped past you. You fall a week or two behind schedule. No big deal, right? Wrong. Mistakes do happen. From missed deadlines to misunderstandings, a project will inevitably run into bumps along the way. However, there are a number of seemingly small oversights that can end up silently killing your entire project. Our new e-book, 6 Things That Derail a Project and How to Avoid Them, was created to identify these project killers and provide expert tips and tricks on how to avoid them. Get the Free E-book The free
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Templates for adding images to your sheets.
Smartsheet’s latest feature gives you the ability to embed images into the cells of your sheets. With this newest upgrade, you can pair images with data for deeper insight, or share design proposals for instant feedback. Embedding images (instead of clicking to open individual attachments) gives more visually-inclined workers one more tool to track project progress at a glance. From retail lookbook layouts to contractor punch lists, the applications for seeing images in your sheets span any department of your organization. Unlike other spreadsheet models, your images are embedded in cells, rather than floating on the surface as an overlay. Images remain in the context of their rows, even as the
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Smartsheet templates for marketing professionals.
People tend to imagine marketers — especially marketing creatives — as an improvisational, wild bunch, shifting from visionary brainstorms to bouts of procrastination. A bit of chaos can get the creativity flowing, but at the end of the day, any account executive will tell you marketing is about concrete, measurable results. But when 44% of B2B marketers don’t keep a documented content plan, what does the road to results look like? If you’re a marketer, there’s a good chance you have a skilled team of strategists and creatives executing projects without a clear, documented plan to steer their course. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. But it’s time to realize the value
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