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Tips for deploying SaaS apps within your business
How does a SaaS platform grow from one employee’s freemium trial to a core IT-approved service in a multinational enterprise environment? Sometimes the process can take a meandering path, but here we’ll cover the seven steps to deployment and how to take a SaaS tool from zero to sixty within your business in no time. First off, how long is deployment supposed to take? In the enterprise (businesses with 500 or more knowledge workers), the general deployment cycle from introduction to complete adoption usually takes between six to 12 months. Let’s break the cycle down into the seven key phases. A knowledge worker within an enterprise stumbles upon a SaaS tool to solve a business need. This
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Developing team leaders
It’s great for a leader to be an intelligent expert, but it’s equally important they lead a team full of experts with intelligence greater than their own. What’s the ultimate task of a leader? To identify who else on your team has the qualities needed to be a leader, and empower them to step into that role. This sensibility underscores one of our primary hiring criteria here at Smartsheet. We want people who are self-propelled, hungry to see the big picture, and who aim to keep things aligned and transparent with their colleagues. In other words, we aim to hire people who act as engines, who propel their projects ever-forward. It’s sometimes a challenge to identify these motivational
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Smartsheet is thankful for some much in 2015
With accolades and partnerships springing up all around our company, what better time than Thanksgiving to take a moment and share our gratitude for our customers, our employees, and this juncture in time, in which we get to change how the world works. Smartsheet was established 10 years ago with the goal of helping people and businesses get their best work done. This year marks some significant achievements toward that goal. Our intuitive integrations with partners resulted in Smartsheet being named the “ Best Office 365 App,” and becoming one of the first project management solutions in the “ Recommended for Google Apps for Work” program. To date, we’ve supported more than half
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Five steps of Success
I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, and enterprises work efficiently together to turn good ideas into great outcomes. In support of this, I came up with a simple model that I share with each new Smartsheet team member during their onboarding process. Over the past 18 months, I have found that those who run this playbook find themselves in a better spot at the company. Their ideas and recommendations are heard. They are often asked to lead or assist in the implementation of their recommendation — something in which they can take pride. These ambitious team members are usually rated highly among their peers, receive recognition from customers, and get promoted quickly. They are impact
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Using mobile apps for project management
What does mobile project management look like at its best? PMs often wish they could bring their skills away from the desk and use them in the field — all while continuing to collaborate with their teams. Learn what features your project management mobile app needs to get your whole team hitting deadlines and staying on budget no matter where they are. One of the best ways to learn what to look for in a mobile SaaS app is to get a clear picture of what goes into building one. We’ll cover a few basic best practices that result in mobile apps that are clear, fast, integrated, and more. When it comes to mobile project management software, here are the top factors project managers need to consider:
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