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3 tactics to master retail project management.
Project management can seem like a nebulous term at times. While standards, best practices, and useful tools for project management are certainly a very specific sector of the business world, almost anything can seem like a project when it comes to execution. Take the retail holiday season with its defined beginning and end date, from October to January. It has clear goals and metrics for success. It requires effective time, resource, and people management skills. If that’s not a project, then what is? Project management skills are broadly applicable to a retail framework. Hiring new employees is a project, as is opening a new retail location. There are differences, of course — retail project
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Tips for using Smartsheet for your HR recruiting process.
It’s an oft-repeated saying: A business is defined by its employees. This might verge on cliche, but that’s because it’s true. From tiny startup to multinational enterprise, a business’s greatest assets are the ones who make it work. When recruiting new talent, it’s critical to find hires who are not only more than capable of doing the work, but who also align with your company’s values and culture. The process can be an intimidating one, especially for new and growing companies. How can you find talent that will be the best fit? How do you make a strategic investment in new members of the team? It works best when simplified to four key steps. Before you begin recruiting,
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Four budget templates for construction professional.
Whether your renovating or adding to an existing location, or constructing an entirely new one, properly planning for a construction project is a tremendous undertaking. Even the most experienced project managers struggle with setting proper expectations for construction projects given the unforeseen hiccups that can occur. There’s no way to be 100 percent prepared for the realities of a construction project. Contractors may encounter changes in site conditions and need to adjust plans, or there might be sudden shortages in important building materials. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your plan as watertight as possible. Ensure you and your contractors are hitting your targets while
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Technology and trends for the retail supply chain.
Here in Seattle, as in many cities, local goods are all the rage. This blossoming homegrown mindset comes with a growing socially and environmentally conscious public demanding the same principles from big retailers. We live in a global economy where even bakeries can go international while still sourcing local goods. When the products sold in nearly all big retailers come from around the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to know that they are made in humane and sustainable ways. And modern technology makes it easier to do so. A recent dire prediction about technology — in particular, computing power — claims that Moore’s Law, the doubling of computing power at the same cost
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Smartsheet extends functionality of Microsoft Apps
The partnership between Microsoft and Smartsheet is a fruitful one. Smartsheet has been a valuable component of the Microsoft app ecosystem with our existing integrations to Microsoft cloud technology, like Smartsheet for Outlook and Azure Active Directory. Today at BUILD 2016, we’re happy to announce that the Microsoft and Smartsheet relationship has grown even stronger. Smartsheet, as one of Microsoft’s top strategic ISV partners, is building on our robust support for Microsoft software to give its users and customers more options than ever before with new integration to Microsoft’s OneDrive and Power BI. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are Microsoft’s cloud storage platforms with
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