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We're excited to share that Smartsheet’s integration with Microsoft Skype for Business Online is now live, along with a few feature updates. The Skype for Business and Smartsheet experience combines best in class messaging and collaborative work platforms, giving Office 365 and Smartsheet customers value and convenience that's greater than the sum of the parts.

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With more and more announcements of store closures for major retailers coming in 2017, it’s more evident than ever that retailers must adapt to how ‘ dramatically the retail landscape is changing’ or face possible extinction. In my opinion, this adaptation is hinged on identifying inefficiencies within retail operations and maximizing efforts with collaborative work management. And, although there are many facets of retail operations that must be optimized, one piece that retailers should pay particular attention to is merchandising. Successful merchandising relies on the retailer knowing their customers - what their customers buy, how they buy, and what promotions they respond to. If this
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