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Five Questions to Ask Before Taking on Any Project - Brad Egeland and Smartsheet

A project, any project, when new, is full of life and hope.  Starting a project from the beginning - as opposed to getting one handed to you to take over, which happens far too often – is much more interesting and challenging…in my opinion.  As a developer, I hated taking over or revising someone else’s code. And as a project manager, I’d much prefer to start from the beginning than midstream.  My project…I own it from beginning to end.

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F. Lawrence Bennett, critical path
I am a civil engineer and project manager with 29 years on the engineering faculty at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Since 1965, I have applied critical path scheduling to a wide variety of projects, including the design and construction of nuclear power stations and industrial facilities, the management of research projects, the construction of buildings and landfills, and most recently, the coordination of a project to develop innovative water and wastewater systems for rural Alaska. To be able to identify the critical path is advantageous to a project manager in two important ways. First, it makes clear those tasks that must be managed most closely; if any of them take more than their estimated
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Smartsheet at Microsoft WPC

The Smartsheet team is back from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, thankful to be in slightly cooler temperatures, and energized at the amazing opportunity that Microsoft is creating for its partner ecosystem. We were there to demo our Outlook integration feature, that allows users to manage their work in Smartsheet without ever having to leave their Outlook inbox. Our booth was also the information hub for the QuickStart bundle for Office365, which allows Microsoft resellers and distributors to offer SaaS products from Insightly, Xero,

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It takes an exceptional person to be a project manager. They’re frequently required to manage everything from simple tasks to complex project portfolios across a wide range of industries including construction, IT, manufacturing, architecture, real estate, and more. Additionally, to be a project manager in a specific industry, you don’t necessarily need to be proficient in an industry-specific discipline. Instead, project managers need to be excellent at managing diverse teams, communicating with all types of people at all levels, keeping project plans moving forward and on budget, and remaining flexible to handle anything that comes up along the way. With such a complex job description, project
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Critical path and Smartsheet

Gantt charts, PERT charts, critical path, agile, lean, waterfall -- with so many techniques, methods, and tools in project management, how do you know which ones are the most important? And, which ones will actually help make your project a success? To stay on track and on budget, critical path is a must-have for any project. While it was originally a time-consuming, hand-drawn set of diagrams, today it does all the work for you. With just a click of a button, you can instantly identify the most important tasks that, if missed, will delay your entire project.

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