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How retail companies use big data.
We’re proud to say that Smartsheet is a powerful tool for a retailer looking to monitor and improve employee productivity or solve process hangups without relying on consultants. In the modern retail space, problem-solving is becoming increasingly reliant on the proper use of big data. Let’s explore some of the best practices for retailers looking to boost business with big data, the challenges they are likely to face, and how to put this powerful resource to work. What is big data? Back in 2001, Gartner’s Doug Laney coined the concept of the “Three V’s” — volume, velocity, and variety. Big data consists of tremendous amounts of information gathered quickly from a
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Creating query strings with formulas for web forms.
If you’ve used Smartsheet’s Web form feature, you’ve realized its usefulness for gathering large amounts of feedback, data, vendor orders, and more in a timely and organized manner. It’s one of our most customizable features and consolidates all form submissions into a designated sheet for faster appraisal. Query strings help prefill form fields to prevent user error and save time. But sometimes, manually constructing many query strings a day can nullify time saved. That’s where IF formulas can come in handy — to simplify web forms and query string construction even more. A note: This is the second of two tutorials on query strings and requires some prior knowledge of Web
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Security measures to consider before implementing a SaaS tool.
The importance of cybersecurity is tremendously elevated in the modern world. With the increased prominence of cloud services and the onset of the Internet of Things, maintaining security and compliance is getting more complex every year. Smartsheet is proud to have been positively assessed by some of the world’s most demanding security audit standards. One thing is certain: You shouldn’t have to worry about your data when choosing a software as a service (SaaS). Let’s look at two of Smartsheet’s security practices as examples of what to expect from safe SaaS. Most computer systems operate on a principle called discretionary access control (DAC). In laymen’s terms, a DAC system
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How do achieve synergy among multiple teams.
As a Solutions Consultant at Smartsheet, I hear a lot about what is and isn’t working in the collaborative enterprise workplace. I help our customers track risks and work with them to create customized services for their exact needs. In the process, I get to learn a lot about strong team practices. You could say helping people achieve their goals runs in the family. My twin brother, Dillon, also paves the way for Smartsheet’s Fortune 500 customers as a Customer Success Manager. One thing we know for sure: Everyone defines enterprise collaboration a little differently. Dillon and Darren BradyCrowdsourcing definitions from the Smartsheet Community turned up a few thoughtful common
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Smartsheet templates for field ops professionals.
Construction project management means big responsibilities and pressures: stay on schedule, land on or under budget, coordinate with contractors, and meet all applicable codes and laws without a hitch. In fact, the Construction Management Association of American estimates U.S. construction managers uphold 120 core responsibilities. Unlike office-bound PMs who rely on a stationary desk as their only physical workplace, construction project managers must be ready to get their hands dirty in more ways than one. To them, work isn’t a place — it’s more of a constant ebb and flow between their build sites, vehicle, phone or tablet, and yes, their desk, too. The right construction PM tool must be
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