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Best practices for building Smartsheet Sights.
Earlier this month, we revealed Smartsheet Sights, an unprecedented bird's-eye view into your business's work in Smartsheet. With Sights, you have a customizable, powerful tool that arms you with real-time data and information for making the best decisions. Let’s look at some best practices for getting started with Sights so you can improve your work right away. Before you start building a Sight, there are three factors you must determine. Your purpose: Is this Sight for a single project, multiple projects, or a general information hub? Your audience: Are you building a Sight for yourself, your team, middle management, or a C-level executive? Your data: What data and information will be most
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Improve client communication.
Many departments of our business (and likely yours) manage vendor relationships on a daily basis. When two businesses of diverse working styles come together, it becomes a delicate dance of give and take to maintain that productive flow. It comes down to the tools you choose to foster collaboration that will help align your timelines, define goals and expectations, and improve that all important clarifier: open lines of communication. Communication in the modern business era is easier and more effective than ever before. The advent of the cloud and shared digital workspaces power communication in a way that not even email can match, resulting in more collaborative and connected workplaces. But that
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How Smartsheet helps manage IT requests.
Technology is a tricky beast to wrangle, to put it mildly. Even the most watertight of IT ships are susceptible to leaks. Hardware breaks down, software encounters hidden bugs, and employees do things they shouldn’t. Waves of IT requests are inevitable in every business, from tiny startups to global enterprises, so it’s important to have a scalable process to manage them. We’ve previously discussed how Smartsheet is an excellent tool to manage design requests. And it’s just as effective when it comes to handling IT requests. Let’s discuss some best practices for managing an IT help desk and solutions we practice here at Smartsheet. Use these tips as a basis for developing your own
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CIO Challenges and Smartsheet Solutions
This is part one of a three-part blog series designed to help CIOs navigate systems for managing work execution. There is an old joke in IT that has existed almost as long as IT departments have: When things aren’t working, people ask what you do all day; when they are, they ask what you do all day. However, today’s IT teams are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of things they have to juggle. Roughly half of a CIO’s time and budget is spent on keeping existing tech running. Any forward-thinking initiatives must be squeezed into that other half. Of those, there are typically three things that bubble up to the surface of a CIO’s attention. First, managing and planning large
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Make Smarter Decisions With Sights
Millions of people around the world count on Smartsheet to help them work smarter by managing projects and processes across all types of work, interacting with project stakeholders, and effortlessly collaborating across teams. The work being done in Smartsheet oftentimes represents the core business of our customers — their essential reason for existing. We take that seriously and work hard to provide an ever-expanding set of capabilities that enable our users to make the most of that important work. With all of the valuable work being done in Smartsheet, it’s time you had a smarter way to visualize the work contained in all of your sheets, reports, and workspaces. After months of research,
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