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2015 was big. In the same year Smartsheet celebrated its 10-year anniversary, game-changing tech developments surfaced at a faster rate than ever before. But 2016 promises to be an even more riveting year for anyone interested in tech. Hand in hand with new technologies, sweeping cultural shifts will change the way work gets done both on and offline. Let’s take a look at a few key trends shaping the very near future of work as we move into the new year. One of the most anticipated technological developments right around the corner is wireless energy transmission. In a world where wifi is almost seen as a regular utility, it’s about time we lose the cords and embrace wireless electricity as well. It
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The SC Robotics Team use gantt charts to build robots.
A few of the world’s future AI innovators are just wrapping up sixth-grade winter break. All over the country, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs are creating fun and interactive initiatives that put today’s youth in the driver’s seat for solving complex, real-world problems. One such program is the Smartsheet-sponsored SC Robotics Team (that’s Stewarts Creek Middle School in Smyrna, Tennessee). The newly-minted program introduces students to career-building skills, from complex engineering to project management to giving stand-out public presentations. For their inaugural year, the team of 52 budding engineers joined forces with other
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Solutions for collaborative work management
The Smartsheet Consulting and Training Services team builds customized solutions for some pretty heavy enterprise lifters. Whether you’re looking for a more solid technical foundation for launching Smartsheet in the organization or need assistance setting up a complex project, our experts are always available to solve your biggest business problems with onsite training and custom-designed workflows. As we work one-on-one with more and more enterprises, we’re able to discern large trends and changes across diverse corners of the industry. Patterns in those enterprises’ needs emerge that can help workplace decision-makers anticipate their own organizational challenges, so they can meet them
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Utilizing Smartsheet as a performance review tool
If you feel your blood pressure rise a little when preparing for performance reviews, you’re not alone. Almost 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies have banished the process, and that number is likely to grow. However, performance reviews can still yield wonderful benefits with good planning, research, and some help from technology. First and foremost, annual reviews provide an opportunity for all parties involved to look back at the year’s milestones. Managers can reflect on both accomplishments and opportunities for improvement with team members, setting everyone on a refreshed path for success. Before you begin, clearly define what you want your performance reviews to accomplish. The main
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Microsoft and Smartsheet partner to introduce Power BI
Customers are constantly looking for detailed insights into their work, or to see their data presented in new and innovative ways to achieve results more efficiently. Microsoft’s Power BI makes it easy for anyone who needs to visualize their workflows in Smartsheet by creating dashboards and other visualizations in Power BI. Although Smartsheet customers can use the Live Data Connector to connect Smartsheet to a visualization tool of their choice, Microsoft has just simplified the process by enabling an out-of-the-box integration to the new Power BI platform. Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables data analysts to visualize and analyze data with greater speed,
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