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5 Must-Have Project Management Templates
Smartsheet’s powerful suite of project management solutions empowers project managers to use the tools that work best for their teams and departments. In addition to fostering the best practices for project management, it’s important to know how to tailor your Smartsheet experience for every project from virtually any department of your business. One of Smartsheet’s biggest strengths is the ability to create and share helpful templates for a variety of use cases. Let’s look at five Smartsheet templates that will boost your project management skills with structured collaboration. A project manager’s bread and butter, this all-purpose project management template
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Mimicking Baseline Functionality in Smartsheet
Smartsheet is a powerful tool with a growing list of smart work management features — and we’re always adding more to meet our customers’ demands. Just recently, for instance, we added the ability to include images in Sights, our premium Smartsheet add-on. Even as we expand Smartsheet’s functionality, we find that some customers are still discovering our many existing tools. One of the things we’re frequently asked is how to add baseline functionality to Smartsheet. While we don’t currently have any native baseline support, the power and flexibility of the tools already available to our Smartsheet customers mean it’s a snap to mimic. Baselining is a useful tool for
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Improve Work Collaboration

The modern workplace is a connected one, with all the benefits and drawbacks of collaboration. Cloud technology means workers can share and contribute to each other's projects more easily than ever. However, that doesn’t mean the solution is more collaboration. When left unmanaged and unstructured, collaboration can be a danger and bottleneck to productivity.

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Last Thursday night at the 2016 GeekWire Awards gala, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader took the stage at Seattle’s Experience Music Project to accept the prestigious GeekWire “Next Tech Titan” award. While these awards were created to recognize innovations in technology here in the Pacific Northwest, I think the “Next Tech Titan” award is extra special. It aims to recognize a tech company “on the cusp of making a very serious dent in the universe.” Smartsheet took the win over a strong lineup of contenders. We were proud to be nominated alongside Adaptive Biotechnologies, K2, OfferUp, and Tune, all of which are upcoming titans in their own rights in the biotechnology,
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Cloud Collaboration in Marketing
The power of the cloud has created a more collaborative workforce, and the field of marketing is no exception. Marketing teams have more tools than ever to create the content that connects your products and services to current and potential customers. As any marketing manager knows, it can be challenging to get your writers and designers to modify their processes and habits. It’s important to stress how the power of the cloud, when properly harnessed, can make their lives and jobs much easier. Here are some tactics to maximize the benefit of the cloud for your marketing workforce. One of the most important tools for effective content marketing is an accurate, detailed, and collaborative content calendar.
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