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Collaborating with Sensitive Data
To make sure your project develops with the right kind of agility and ease, you sometimes need a fair amount of control over what data collaborators can see, who can see it, and how to keep everyone in the loop. Maximum flexibility and minimum confusion are the aims of project management roles, and Smartsheet offers a range of options to make those goals realistic for you and your team. A common problem when it comes to document collaboration is that it tends to be all or nothing. Sometimes you may want to send someone only a portion of the data involved in your project.
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Social watching at work
Do you want to actually achieve your goals? Break your habit of living — and working — like a social media addict. If that sounds harsh, let me explain. In this age of oversharing, everyone with a social media account is connected to at least a few people who treat their Facebook or Instagram as a sort of opt-in life-tracking system. You know who they are. They constantly Instagram a photo of every meal they make, tweet every walk in the park, and Facebook endlessly about their kids and spouses.
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Enterprise PMs

Tips for becoming a better project manager
Being a highly effective project manager on an enterprise scale is no small feat. Even if an enterprise PM’s team is lean, they’re still operating within a large, and probably geographically far-reaching, company. Stephen R. Covey's classic motivational book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® laid out a set of seven habits for success in any situation. But the amount of planning, coordination, communication, and execution involved in enterprise project management demands its own special combination of skills.
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When 1+1=0: The Extra Project Manager Problem

The multiple project manager challenge
In all my years managing projects, one takeaway is clear: it’s beneficial to keep project teams small. In addition to myself and my own team, projects I manage usually include the client's project sponsor and a few of their close advisers. That usually covers it — because we are the experts hired to come in and implement the solution the client needs. Every now and then, clients place a project manager in charge of the process on their side. If it’s a huge project — very complex and very visible — I understand. I’ve experienced it very rarely (twice, in fact) in 20+ years of project management and consultation.
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Critical Path Made Simple(r)

Critical path with Smartsheet
Determining the critical path of your project may seem daunting — just look at this ultimate guide to the critical path method we put together for you. It’s an informative read that we recommend for all project managers, but we promise we’ve made it much simpler in practice than it looks in theory. If that doesn’t break down a seemingly complex method for easy digestion, then watch this 60-second tutorial — because even critical path makes more sense when related to food. You won’t even need to write anything down. What is critical path? In a sentence, a project’s critical path is a high-level look at vital tasks that directly impact its end date.
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