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Do you have a morning routine role model? As our careers become more complex and the idea of remaining stationary at a desk for eight hours becomes increasingly outmoded, many business leaders put more stock in optimizing their morning routines. John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford didn’t need to worry about setting boundaries around checking their smartphones, but looking to the routines of highly productive geniuses of the past will help you with your own efficient set of morning habits. Even if you already have something in mind, adopting someone else’s set of habits will likely get old quick.
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Not Just for Numbers: The Smart Spreadsheet Takeover

History of spreadsheets
Spreadsheets aren’t just for hard data anymore. When you think about spreadsheets (and who doesn’t indulge in a spreadsheet daydream now and again), you probably imagine a static document full of yes/nos and numerical formulas. And that’s understandable. Since their inception, that’s pretty much what we’ve used spreadsheets for. The new era of cloud-based SaaS shows us how spreadsheets need to outgrow their old definition. To succeed in today’s world of constant connectivity, they have to incorporate tools for project management, complex scheduling, and real-time discussion.
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The Step-by-Step Method to Maximize Meeting Collaboration

Maximize meeting collaboration
For years I set aside an hour a week to create the agenda, reports, and materials for my weekly team meetings. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was wasted time, but I have since found a much better way. About a year and a half ago I read a book called The Decision Maker by Dennis Bakke that rocked me a bit and made me reanalyze who I am as a leader, how I empower others, and whether my actions are fostering a strong team of future leaders. What I discovered was that my team wasn’t made up of future leaders. They were all presently leaders. I just hadn’t provided the venue for them to show that leadership.
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Aligning a Global Enterprise With One Tool

QAD and Smartsheet
QAD helps their customers realize one impressive vision: “A future where your business processes are operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals.” As the leading provider of enterprise resource planning software for global manufacturing companies, QAD had to master that vision internally before they could deliver it externally. Coordinating more than 1,600 employees and 90 partners across the globe allows no room for feeling overwhelmed. So how does QAD do it? With a work collaboration program that enables seamless teamwork — Smartsheet.
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Climbing mountains with Smartsheet
Success is often public, but failure is mostly private. I believe that a lack of understanding of this basic truth is why there is so much underperformance in both the professional world and our personal lives. Look around at your friends — how many succeed at attaining a desired fitness goal or learning a foreign language? And your co-workers — how many consistently deliver great results on time or keep the ball rolling every single day? More importantly, how many of your acquaintances and colleagues tell you their end goals, rather than telling you about the day-to-day steps they take to achieve them?
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