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Smartsheet’s two most requested features, critical path and duration in minutes, hours, and weeks, are here! For every project, having a greater level of control over task duration and working hours helps increase efficiency and accuracy in planning. Now, anyone managing a project has the option to set time durations in any unit they choose, including seconds, minutes, hours and weeks. We call this "partial days.” Project owners can now also identify the most important tasks with one click -- the ones that will delay your project if not completed on time. This is "critical path,” and will highlight your most critical tasks so you can stay on top of your project.
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If your to-do list at work is like most, it’s probably pretty rare that you complete all the tasks you set out to do. In fact, according to a study by LinkedIn, 89% of professionals across the globe say they aren’t able to accomplish all the items on their list by the end of an average workday. So when you’re scrambling to accomplish everything on your to-do list, how do you ensure that you’re also completing recurring tasks like weekly meetings, quarterly reviews or client check ups?

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100 Best Places to Work for in Washington

Bagel Fridays. Friday morning hiking. Adjustable standing desks. What’s your definition of a great place to work? I love all the perks at Smartsheet, but it's the people and culture here that truly make it an amazing place. I can apply my passion, make a difference, and really impact productivity and collaboration in thousands of organizations. And so can everyone else around me. 

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Top 3 Project Management Techniques for Managing Creative Teams

Project managers are expected to be good resource managers – it’s just part of the project management process. But some projects require straightforward project management (PM) skills for managing technical resources and following rigid PM policies and processes. And others require some degree of creative flexibility, like managing marketing-oriented projects where creative and out-of-the box thinking is important, as well as expected, by project clients. The rigid structure associated with by-the-book PM best practices do not always apply so well to such projects. Nor does it always apply well to those types of teams.

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5 Smartsheet Apps to Visualize Your Work

Visualize work

Do you want to rock your next presentation? How about impress clients? Or land new deals? It all starts with a beautiful visual. 

Communicating with images can save time, increase productivity, and uncover valuable insight. With visuals, we instantly understand a complex idea in the time it would take our eyes to scan text for relevant words. And, it’s our preferred way for learning and transferring ideas. People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 83% of human learning occurs visually. 

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