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Monday Mastery: Setting Your Sheets Up for Card View
We’re proud and excited to announce Smartsheet Card View, a powerful and highly visual new way to work in Smartsheet. Remember that Card View is just that — a different view. Similar to our Gantt View or Calendar View, all of the data in Card View is pulled from what you have in your sheets. In order to maximize the benefit from this powerful new tool, your sheets need to be properly formatted. Let’s look at a few tips to make sure your sheets are all set up for this alternative perspective into your work. Use drop-down lists to get startedCard View’s lanes are determined by the drop-down lists in your sheets. As long as you have at least one drop-down list in a sheet, you can convert
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You probably work with at least a couple of visual-spatial learners; they struggle with gleaning information from text, but understand it immediately when it’s mapped out in a graphic. Research shows that text-heavy formats haven’t always catered to image-inclined users. But those users still need a way to stay organized while collaborating with coworkers. Which is why we’re proud of what we’re announcing today. We heard our users calling for a more visually-oriented presentation of work in Smartsheet. So we made Smartsheet Card View. A More Visual Way to View Your Projects and ProcessesCard View is loosely inspired by Kanban card boards, a work visualization style designed to let teams
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Transparency is critical in the world of construction management. Here’s how to maximize it to boost accountability and trust.
Every project, no matter how small, is a fine balance of risk versus reward. There are direct costs and opportunity costs; there’s time, money, and employee effort spent that, if not managed properly, could end up being wasted. Construction projects, however, are on a different level of risk. Construction is time-consuming and expensive, and mistakes are not easily fixed. For these reasons, construction project management tends to be more crucial than that of almost any other industry. Much has been discussed about the value of transparent leadership. An opaque work environment often results in details slipping through the cracks because nobody is taking accountability or responsibility for them. In a
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Which project management philosophy works best for your business? Smartsheet compares Agile and Waterfall.
There are a number of competing project management methodologies and philosophies in the modern business world. We’ve taken a comprehensive, in-depth look at four of the most popular project management methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, and Kanban. For a full look at the competing strategies, we encourage you to read the full post. Although there are plenty of ways to approach the nuts and bolts of project management, there are two primary overarching philosophies: Agile and Waterfall. Let’s take a closer look at these two philosophies, what they mean, and which is right for your team. Waterfall is perhaps more accurately described as the “traditional” philosophy of project
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