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3 Signs Your Email Folder System Is Broken

Fix your email strategy
Filing systems are meant to save time by organizing resources. You get dozens of emails a day that have to go somewhere. (Yes, they do have to go somewhere.) If you’re keeping track of our tips for email mastery, you know an important step to Inbox Zero is having a simple folder solution. If you’re spending more than a few seconds determining how to categorize emails, or searching endlessly for that one from two weeks ago, your folder system is broken. Need more guidance? Here are three signs something needs to change, along with suggestions for cleaning up: The worst-case scenario: You’ve run out of inbox space. Some enterprises limit Outlook storage to only 2GB.
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Project managing with less email
Managing project workflow boils down to one crucial factor — good communication. Email was built for communication, so the natural assumption is that email is good for project management. If you’ve tried it, you know this is never true. Work management within email quickly becomes frenzied updates every few minutes, unwieldy CC lists to keep everyone in the loop, and multiple responses for every email sent. As you wade through the deluge, projects lose the transparency required to stay aligned. If that isn’t enough to make you flinch, maybe numbers will.
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Steve Ballmer provides a strong example and a clear cautionary tale for all sorts of things and, for me, “eating your own dog food” is definitely one of them.  The first time I heard about “dogfooding” was from Steve in the early 90s while working at Microsoft.  He was talking about SQL Server and saying that internal projects should use SQL rather than Oracle or something else.  His point, of course, was that as the company was trying to sell SQL Server as a platform for internal solutions like we were building, (a) it better work for that and (b) by using it ourselves we could feed back to the SQL team and make the product better.

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The Time-Saving Guide to Writing Effective Emails

Learn to write effective emails
Do you dread your inbox? Sources of the ill feelings come from lack of replies, too many reply alls, confusing or vague messages, and too much email in general. There is an art to writing effective emails that gets them read and answered, helping curb those feelings of anxiety. If you’ve read our recent posts on email mastery and Inbox Zero, you’ll see how writing partners with these skills to save more time. Without sounding too much like freshman English class, emails should have the same parts as research papers: an introduction, body, and conclusion. That said, email doesn’t look the same as it did two decades ago.
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Centric Digital and Smartsheet
Centric Digital knows a thing or two about going paperless. Before helping other companies transition to digital, it only made sense that Centric Digital accomplish it first. Since their first day in 2009, the digital transformation company has ditched paper for a greener, more efficient office as an example to their clients. It didn’t take long for President and Chief Digital Officer Brian Manning to see the correlation between their digital revolution and a heightened level of productivity. By switching to cloud-based programs, Centric Digital was able to coordinate their work in real time, thereby saving even more resources for their clients.
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