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Shaw Industries, Smartsheet, and Google Apps

Melissa Pateritsas is an IT Project Manager at Shaw Industries Group. Shaw uses the seamless integration of Smartsheet and Google Apps as a platform to foster collaboration, productivity, and add greater efficiency for the Shaw Industries supply chain. The following is an interview with Melissa on their challenges, goals, and results they are seeing.

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Smartsheet for JIRA

Many executives, business and project management stakeholders work in organizations that use JIRA, a tool that provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and workflow functions for IT operations and software development. But these teams often struggle to get a complete view of the work being managed in JIRA; a view that bridges development work in JIRA with other business efforts. Our new integration has the solution

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Monday Mastery: Setting Your Sheets Up for Card View
We’re proud and excited to announce Smartsheet Card View, a powerful and highly visual new way to work in Smartsheet. Remember that Card View is just that — a different view. Similar to our Gantt View or Calendar View, all of the data in Card View is pulled from what you have in your sheets. In order to maximize the benefit from this powerful new tool, your sheets need to be properly formatted. Let’s look at a few tips to make sure your sheets are all set up for this alternative perspective into your work. Use drop-down lists to get startedCard View’s lanes are determined by the drop-down lists in your sheets. As long as you have at least one drop-down list in a sheet, you can convert
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