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Last Thursday night at the 2016 GeekWire Awards gala, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader took the stage at Seattle’s Experience Music Project to accept the prestigious GeekWire “Next Tech Titan” award. While these awards were created to recognize innovations in technology here in the Pacific Northwest, I think the “Next Tech Titan” award is extra special. It aims to recognize a tech company “on the cusp of making a very serious dent in the universe.” Smartsheet took the win over a strong lineup of contenders. We were proud to be nominated alongside Adaptive Biotechnologies, K2, OfferUp, and Tune, all of which are upcoming titans in their own rights in the biotechnology,
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Cloud Collaboration in Marketing
The power of the cloud has created a more collaborative workforce, and the field of marketing is no exception. Marketing teams have more tools than ever to create the content that connects your products and services to current and potential customers. As any marketing manager knows, it can be challenging to get your writers and designers to modify their processes and habits. It’s important to stress how the power of the cloud, when properly harnessed, can make their lives and jobs much easier. Here are some tactics to maximize the benefit of the cloud for your marketing workforce. One of the most important tools for effective content marketing is an accurate, detailed, and collaborative content calendar.
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Images in Sights is the newest feature in Smartsheet.
We’re committed to continually improving our service with the functionality and features our users need. Smartsheet Sights is a new powerful tool to surface work insights your business needs to boost speed and performance. Embedding images into your sheets is another recent enhancement to Smartsheet, allowing simple communication of information at a glance using photos and graphics. Now, we’re adding image capabilities to Sights to help you communicate information even more efficiently. The newest update to Smartsheet adds two new functions to Sights that have been frequently requested by our customers: an embedded image widget and a “Use Cell Formatting” button. The former will make
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What CIOs need to look for in a collaborative work management solution.
In my last blog, I discussed how collaborative work management (CWM) solutions like Smartsheet can help CIOs resolve some common issues. But what should CIOs be looking for in a CWM platform? What are the philosophies that lead to a successful adoption of CWM solutions in your business? I’ve already mentioned that there’s no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise woes, and CIOs know this well. The key is to look for technology that boasts broad use cases. Smartsheet’s most crucial promise is that we let people manage work their way, specifically solving process and project management issues. Smartsheet’s ideal customers are enterprise organizations looking for a way to
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3 tactics to master retail project management.
Project management can seem like a nebulous term at times. While standards, best practices, and useful tools for project management are certainly a very specific sector of the business world, almost anything can seem like a project when it comes to execution. Take the retail holiday season with its defined beginning and end date, from October to January. It has clear goals and metrics for success. It requires effective time, resource, and people management skills. If that’s not a project, then what is? Project management skills are broadly applicable to a retail framework. Hiring new employees is a project, as is opening a new retail location. There are differences, of course — retail project
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