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How to make good habits stick
You might imagine that your busy professional schedule doesn’t allow time for adding a new, positive habit to your life. The study of habit formation has shown that they’re a complex code to crack. Habits, after all, are motions you go through so often they become automatic— from your morning routine to running an effective meeting with your team. It takes a meticulous perspective to slow down their inner workings, because you’re conditioned by your efficiency-seeking brain not to notice the habit at all. Fortunately, using this simple method to understand how habits work gives you a cheat code to start new ones and stick to them — no matter how out of reach they seem. Starting a
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Female SaaS leaders
Here at Smartsheet, we’re proud to be part of the conversation on women in technology. As part of our Women in Tech blog series, we’re taking a look at a few leaders making waves in the surging software as a service (SaaS) industry. These women are leaders at the companies many of us use to buy tickets, take surveys, grow marketing campaigns, and so much more. The software industry began as a primarily female-dominated world. Tech history holds a rich legacy of leading women in software. But today, the entire industry finds itself with a biased gender gap that is only getting wider. To change this, it will take inclusive advances in college curriculum, hiring practices, and career retention for
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Smartsheet and Google Apps for Work
Customers just scored another huge victory today. Amidst Web Summit 2015, Google for Work President Amit Singh announced that Smartsheet was named one of the first solutions for the new “Recommended for Google Apps for Work” program. The program is designed to help Google Apps for Work customers get the most out of the cloud-based suite by suggesting trusted apps to complement it. Google Apps users benefit from the recommended apps program by skipping the guesswork in finding a tool they can trust and rely on. Customers trust Google Apps for Work to provide an enhanced productivity environment, and now they can also trust their knowledge of vetted and proven products like Smartsheet. To be included
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Better time management habits
If there’s one topic that gets more airtime than any other in our hyper-productive working world, it’s how to save time. But we know it’s not just about doing things as quickly as possible; we want to speed up the process without losing value in our work. This is where the wonderful world of productivity hacking comes in. Figuring out how to work effectively without adding office hours is one of the most sought after keys to success. This is especially true in an enterprise context or any work environment that spans multiple locations or many interconnected teams. Whether you implement these time management tricks for personal career success or share them with your whole team, get ready to
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Collaborating with Sensitive Data
To make sure your project develops with the right kind of agility and ease, you sometimes need a fair amount of control over what data collaborators can see, who can see it, and how to keep everyone in the loop. Maximum flexibility and minimum confusion are the aims of project management roles, and Smartsheet offers a range of options to make those goals realistic for you and your team. A common problem when it comes to document collaboration is that it tends to be all or nothing. Sometimes you may want to send someone only a portion of the data involved in your project. For example, you need to send a client several columns from a sheet, but don’t want them to see confidential company information in
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