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As a Security Solutions Engineer for a little over a decade now, I’ve seen the challenges IT departments face, and accompanying security concerns, change with the advent of a number of trends. We’ve experienced the rise of SaaS solutions, BYOD, BYOA… and while the challenges that accompany Shadow IT evolve over time, it continues to be a problem that IT departments face. A common thread across all of these trends is the end-user desire to have more control over the way they get their work done. Whether that’s in the form of using personal smartphones for business or bringing an app in under official IT radar, users are increasingly emboldened to seek out solutions that help them find
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Marketing is easy! Think about it. Anyone can put together some random programs, wrap them in enough window dressing to consider it an “integrated campaign”, and then foist that campaign on an unprepared and unsuspecting world. Voila! Marketing!

Oh, wait. You mean you want to engage with audiences in a consistent way that actually benefits your business, and creates meaningful ROI? Well, that’s an altogether different, and harder, thing. That takes some coordination, some data, and some insight.


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Managing large-scale, cross-departmental initiatives can be complex. One factor of this complexity is the need for multiple teams, often technical and non-technical, to work together to be successful. So it’s important to establish planning and tracking strategies that keep teams on the same page and provide visibility for those managing the work. See one use case where Smartsheet for JIRA can improve visibility and communication on large-scale initiatives.

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