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Millions of people around the world count on Smartsheet to help them work smarter by managing projects and processes across all types of work, interacting with project stakeholders, and effortlessly collaborating across teams. The work being done in Smartsheet oftentimes represents the core business of our customers — their essential reason for existing. We take that seriously and work hard to provide an ever-expanding set of capabilities that enable our users to make the most of that important work. With all of the valuable work being done in Smartsheet, it’s time you had a smarter way to visualize the work contained in all of your sheets, reports, and workspaces. After months of research,
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Have you discovered the power of Smartsheet’s sharing capabilities? We want you to be able to share your work with who needs it, in whatever capacity you deem appropriate. Share a little, or share a lot. Share single cells or full rows from your sheet, the entire sheet itself, or the greater digital workspace. Even better — share with external collaborators who don’t use Smartsheet. Recently, we challenged ourselves to improve that sharing even more, and we’re excited to bring you greater control over workspace permission administration. Smartsheet allows you to build portfolios of work for entire departments, teams, or projects. Until now, sharing an entire workspace was possible, but
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A company’s core values are not the result of a decree passed down from the C-suite. While most entrepreneurs have an idea of their business’s values from the outset, those values won’t manifest until a team is hired whose work exemplifies them every day. At Smartsheet, we seek candidates who are honest, authentic, driven, innovative, and supportive. Hiring people who uphold our core values strengthens our office culture through the work they do. It’s a ripple of work ethic that extends outward to partners and customers, which fosters trust and reciprocative relationships. Engaged employees strive to improve their work environment. In turn, inviting ideas from everywhere in the office
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Opening new retail locations with Smartsheet.
Your retail business is booming. You’re using big data to its fullest potential. With the power of Smartsheet, you’ve optimized your supply chains, employee onboarding and training, and customer relationship management. In fact, you’re doing so well, it’s time to open a new location! So … how do you do that? Navigating the challenges of opening a new retail location is an intimidating undertaking. Here are three helpful templates you can use to streamline the process for a less stressful grand opening. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to find a move-in ready location that requires no remodeling, you’re going to need some contractors for building out the store. The
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How to create master gantt charts with reporting.
Gantt charts are your key to keeping projects on time by visualizing all of their moving parts. Way back in 2013, we published a Smartsheet Tips tutorial on creating Master Gantt charts with cell linking. Three years later, we’ve made the process easier, which means it’s time for an update! Now that we have the ability to view Master Gantt charts in reports, we can create a report that serves a similar purpose, without all of the cell linking. This tutorial will help team supervisors and project managers visualize all of their projects at once, so they never miss a beat. A report with a Master Gantt chart is ideal for providing a big picture overview of a large-scale project, or to track multiple
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