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Our world is changing faster than ever before – change that is perhaps most apparent in our youngest generations. From retail to transportation and every industry in between, millennials, and increasingly Generation Z, are changing the game as consumers. For companies responsible for crafting experiences that resonate with these younger generations, understanding and staying one step ahead of their expectations is an important strategy in connecting with this powerful segment of our society. While it’s easy to see how these expectations play out in consumer scenarios, understanding how to translate those same expectations into the educational world is something that Blackboard, Inc. has mastered.
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Smartsheet’s partnership with Google has been a key part of growing our business and bringing the promise of collaborative work management to life. Google’s dedication to helping their customers connect and get their best work done has made it easy for us to work together over the past ten years. Today, we’re excited to share that our fifteenth Google product integration – Smartsheet for Google Inbox – is now available. Knowledge workers everywhere are being inundated with new productivity solutions at a dizzying rate. Trends like BYOA and BYOD empower us to make productivity choices that work best for our teams. However, they also make it difficult to connect the dots and
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Digital Transformation

Undertaking a digital transformation is a big endeavor for any size company, but it can be particularly arduous for a large enterprise. Digital transformation impacts the entire organization, and requires a significant amount of change from all quarters. Here’s a roundup of a few articles to help you find your way through your next digital transformation.


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