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Over the past few years, as the SaaS business model has gained traction, a relatively new department, Customer Success, has arisen within software companies to support these subscription models. Customer Success is a function that focuses on the relationship with customers after the deal has closed, on an ongoing basis, in a proactive manner.

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Identifying what motivates each individual within an organization is essential to the success of your business. Whether it’s time, money, or prestige, managers must identify these motivations to ensure the success of their team and the individuals that make up that team. For people in sales, who are often motivated by being successful, pushing themselves, and knowing that their compensation is directly related to their performance, visibility and accountability into the commission payout process is very important. The end of each sales period should be a time to celebrate success, but too often it is a negative experience because sales reps have no visibility into what commission they are being paid, for
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