Boost Your Productivity

Being more productive doesn’t just mean spending more hours working. The most effective people are crystal clear on what they need to accomplish and move with speed to get it done. Yet with all of the distractions in today’s workplace, efficient execution isn’t guaranteed.

Discover a few simple ways that you can instantly boost your productivity, from focusing on your most critical tasks to getting out of email and managing distractions, to automating manual repetitive tasks that would otherwise take up valuable time.

Prioritize Your To-Dos

Maintaining a to-do list is basic project management, but it can go a long way to ensure that teams are appropriately prioritizing actions. However, teams need a way to share task lists with each other and improve visibility into progress at all stages of a project.

At the very least, a team to-do list should call out tasks, task owners, status, who is responsible for reviewing, and due dates. Once your team circulates this key information, it provides insight into ownership, deliverables, and potential contingencies.  

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Get Out of Email

Teams spend too much time sifting through emails in order to confirm approvals and retrieve documents and attachments, such as marketing briefs or strategy presentation decks. Relying on email alone has become a wildly inefficient practice for businesses that need to execute fast and stay competitive.

The best work management platforms enable teams to attach files, compose comments, and flag tasks that are at risk. Make sure that the platform you choose comes with these features, as they help reduce the socialization of outdated information or document versions, and create the transparency needed to avoid duplicative effort across teams.

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Manage Distractions

While distractions and interruptions will always occur, whether employees work in the office or remotely, what sets productive workers apart is how they manage them. Sometimes, even noise-cancelling headphones don’t send a strong enough signal that you do not want to be interrupted.

Structured workspaces, where all crucial information and files are located in one place, help teams focus on their current task. Make sure that the work execution platform you choose enables your team to share business critical information amongst themselves, as well as key stakeholders.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks

Adopting an effective work execution software platform that enables automated approvals, updates, and status requests adds value to the business. Freeing employees from routine tasks and time-consuming status meetings empowers them to focus on innovation and higher-value work.

With automated actions, teams can limit the number of emails they send back and forth for reviews and approvals, and leaders have direct visibility into the status of tasks in progress. This eliminates the need for leaders to constantly check in or feel the need to manage at the tactical level.

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