4 reasons to join the Smartsheet Mobilizer Program

by Lena Kelly

Editor's note: Here at Smartsheet, our customers inspire us daily. We're their biggest cheerleaders; their partners in achievement. In this article, Senior Product Marketing Manager Lena Kelly shares how our most engaged customers — the Smartsheet Mobilizers — achieve more each day, and how you can sign up to do the same.

Smartsheet customers are in a league of their own. They’re creative problem solvers with a can-do mindset, driven to identify inefficiencies, streamline work processes, and improve business outcomes. We’re inspired by the results and accomplishments they share with us.

Our innovative customers know that Smartsheet can help them overcome many of the challenges they and their colleagues face at work. But people are often hesitant to change, especially when it comes to adopting a new platform. For help getting these skeptics on board, customers often reach out to their Smartsheet Customer Success team, looking for ideas to engage their leadership and peers and invite them to use Smartsheet and achieve more. To meet this need and help customers share the Smartsheet love, we built the Smartsheet Mobilizer Program.

The Smartsheet Mobilizer Program equips Smartsheet power users with the resources they need to effectively share Smartsheet across their organizations, both with their peers and with business and IT leadership.

A full-color group shot of men and women sitting around a table engaged in discussion

If you’re a customer who wants to share Smartsheet throughout your organization and you haven’t yet joined the Smartsheet Mobilizer Program, here are four reasons you should sign up today:

1. Get promoted.

Joining the Mobilizer Program is a clear sign that you have a can-do attitude and look for innovative ways to solve problems in your organization. By using Smartsheet to build consensus among your teams, drive executive alignment, and lead transformation across your organization, you position yourself as a strategic leader. In fact, 37% of surveyed Mobilizers report they earned a promotion after implementing Smartsheet.

2. Show how the Smartsheet C-suite uses Smartsheet to run their organizations.

When trying to convey the value of Smartsheet to your leadership, it can be helpful to illustrate “the art of the possible.” To assist you in these efforts, use the Mobilizer portal to peek into interactive dashboards that reveal how Smartsheet executives use Smartsheet to manage their own departments.

3. Learn how to build a compelling, metrics-driven business case for your leadership.

Articulating the value you derive from Smartsheet can be difficult. We put together a three-step video series (with downloadable templates) to help you effectively frame the value of Smartsheet, quantify that value with metrics, and present a business case to your leadership.

4. Receive Smartsheet swag for your team.

There’s no denying it — people love free swag! If you’re looking to build awareness about Smartsheet at your organization, giving away goodies is a great first step. When you host a Smartsheet “lunch and learn” for your team, Smartsheet will help sponsor the event and send you swag to distribute.

If you’re ready to reap these benefits (and more!), join the Smartsheet Mobilizer Program today.