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Best Practices for New Smartsheet System Admins

by Renee Coulombe

With high levels of users collaborating at any given time, managing a work execution platform across a large enterprise organization produces challenges. Having someone dedicated to managing account permissions and settings can help eliminate errors, set your team up for ongoing success, and give you the confidence to deploy your work execution platform on a global scale.

In Smartsheet, these account responsibilities are held by the System Admin. The System Admin, a role specific to multi-user plans, is designated to manage users, adjust settings that apply to all users on the account, and manage access to your Connectors and integrations.

Whether you’re a newly designated System Admin, or just want to brush up on your skills, this session video from ENGAGE’18 will help you better understand best practices on how to manage users at scale, determine appropriate user type, and adjust account settings in order to set your users up for success: