Top 5 Moments at ENGAGE’18

by Chris Blessington

Thanks to all of you who made this year’s Smartsheet ENGAGE global customer conference a resounding success! This year the number of attendees more than doubled: nearly 2,300 enthusiastic members of the Smartsheet community gathered at our headquarters in Bellevue, WA for four days of genuine connections, hands-on learning opportunities, and inspiring stories.

Whether you missed this year’s Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference — or simply want to relive it — here’s a quick look at the top five moments from ENGAGE’18!

1. ENGAGE’18 Opening Keynote Address


The excitement in the room was contagious at the opening keynote session — a great way to kickoff ENGAGE’18. Ed Viesturs, world-class high-altitude mountain climber started us off with an inspiring story about the core components of a successful mountain ascent: teamwork, preparation, and passion.

Next, our CEO, Mark Mader, discussed our purpose here at Smartsheet: to empower everyone to improve how they work, connect, innovate, and execute. Sharing stories from customers and asking customers in the audience for their thoughts on the topic, Mark’s central theme of empowerment became the focal point for the remainder of ENGAGE.  

Then SVP of Product Gene Farrell announced our new product capabilities, designed to empower people and teams, increase the speed of mission-critical work, and help organizations scale. These announcements included updates to automation, new Smartsheet Accelerators and Connectors, and updates to the mobile app.

2. Featured Keynote Speakers Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Lisa Ling

Gen. Stanley McChrystal speaking

In our Wednesday morning keynote, Gen. Stanley McChrystal talked about how leaders and organizations must adapt if they want to survive. Sharing inspiring stories from history and personal experience, McChrystal talked about how today’s rapidly changing environment requires leaders to change — and to inspire their people to change.  

Lisa Ling Keynote at ENGAGE'18

Then, on Thursday morning, journalist, author, and CNN host Lisa Ling shared her personal experiences of traveling across the globe and how what she saw opened her eyes to a different way of thinking. Her captivating stories inspired us to think about how we can take action in our communities to help make the world a better place.

3. Peer-to-Peer Community Building

ENGAGE is all about collaboration and inspiration, and many of the key moments over the past week were about making connections, sharing stories, and learning from each other.

ENGAGE attendees networking

From the Oktoberfest welcome reception, to the networking lunches that connected people in similar industries, your enthusiasm about learning from one another was truly inspirational.

4. Hearing All of Your Stories

Customer speaking onstage at ENGAGE

So this isn’t one moment per se, but we really enjoyed hearing your stories at ENGAGE’18. Our team is inspired by all of your stories. You are what drives our purpose of empowering everyone to improve how they work.

One of the things we love most about ENGAGE is the tremendous breadth of attendees across roles and industries — from CEOs to CTOs, project managers to business process analysts, retail to health care to manufacturing, ENGAGE attendees represent a very broad spectrum.

5. Smartsheet Community Celebration at MoPoP

Woman enjoying exhibit at MoPoP

The Smartsheet community celebration at MoPoP was a blast. We hope you enjoyed this time to get to know other members of the global Smartsheet community, and to explore the Museum of Pop Culture exhibits from Pearl Jam to Spider-Man in downtown Seattle.

Women enjoying party at MoPoP

Announcing Smartsheet ENGAGE’19

Speaking of downtown Seattle, we’re excited to announce that next year’s Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle from September 30 - October 3, 2019.

To receive conference updates and a heads-up when registration will be opening, please complete this quick form here.  

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