[Infographic] How Much Time Are You Wasting on Siloed Information?

by Katy Beloof

Businesses today need to move quickly to stay competitive. Yet disconnected information often slows down workers and costs organizations in terms of time and opportunity lost.

Workers spend 36% of their workday looking for and consolidating information. Much of the time, they still can’t find the information needed to do their best work quickly.

Information spread across email, chat, slide decks, docs, and spreadsheets is disconnected and isolated from the work that needs to be done. This often leads to data that’s inaccessible and out of date.

When workers are able to track down the data they need, they often spend a lot of time creating slide decks — and up to 87% of that time is spent on design, not on data.

Our infographic looks at the amount of time your organization wastes due to siloed information, and what you can do about it. Take a look:

[Infographic] How Much Time Are You Wasting on Siloed Information?

How much time could you get back if all of the information you needed to get your work done could be easily found in one location? Probably more than you think.

Smartsheet dashboards not only help you get that time back, they also speed up decision making by giving the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time, so you can get work done quickly.

To learn more about what dashboards can do for your business, watch the video below: