Project Management Training Resources

There are a vast number of resources aimed at helping you choose the right project management style for your business, as well as the top tricks and trends of PM. From articles, training videos, and publications, to online communities and blog forums, the listed training resources gather the most up-to-date, easily understandable assets surrounding project management.

In this article, you’ll gain insight about Gantt charts, project management best practices, and work breakdown structures by delving into published resources that engage with the most knowledgeable PM connoisseurs and the larger PM community.





  • Project Management 2.0: In this 20,000+ member LinkedIn group, find helpful project management tips from professionals willing to both give and receive tried and true tactics.

  • Project Manager Community: In the “best group for project management”, connect with over 369,000 members discussing the best practices of project managers.

  • Project Management Stack Exchange: Read up on a Q&A-type forum answering questions revolving around project management, its methodologies, and its best practices


  • Project Management Tactics for Pros: In this e-book, you’ll learn about the processes, communication, and management styles that go into a success project management strategy.

  • Deadly Sins of Project Management: In a unique address, this e-book establishes the mistakes that all project managers should avoid when leading a team or a project

  • Managing Projects of all Sizes: Discover how to manage projects across all business sizes by learning key elements of project management, like priority rankings and timelines.


  • Glen B. Alleman: Glen B. Alleman, an expert on performance-based project management, details his best tips and proven successes in project management in his blog, Herding Cats.

  • Shim Marom: Shim Marom, a certified PMP, MSP, and Agile manager, discusses everything from multitasking and management to project scheduling and agile adoption in his blog, Quantmleap.

  • PMStudent by Margaret Meloni: Lead by Margaret Meloni, an expert in IT project management and PMO leadership, the PM Student blog covers topics ranging from how to become a project manager to debunking project management myths.


  • Project Management Can Be Easy: This downloadable guide aids beginners in understanding the basics of project planning, execution, and management.
  • Practitioner’s Guide - Top Reasons PMOs Still Fail: In this guide you’ll discover the eight challenges that impact the effectiveness of project management programs, and get expert insights on how to overcome these challenges
  • The Ultimate Guide to Project Management: Starting with the basics of project management and delving into complex systems and processes, this guide explains how to manage all components of a project, like resources, employees, and budget.


  • The PM Podcast: This collection of podcasts delve into discussions about project management and the key components of every good leader.

  • People and Projects Podcast: In this eclectic compilation of podcast episodes, the best ideas and practices of project management are detailed in a conversation-like structure that emphasizes the importance of solid PM strategies.

  • PM for the Masses Podcast: Through a subscription, you can delve into a large assortment of project management podcasts that cover tips, skills, and key areas of focus in the most efficient project management processes.


  • Engineering, Project, and Production Management: This international research journal publishes cross-disciplinary papers that aim to deliver knowledge, continued insight, and updates to its readers. This volume discusses project management applied across industries, businesses, and teams of all sizes.

  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management: This publication features a wide range of project management related articles that detail how projects and processes are maintained, evaluated, and improved upon across a variety of industries.

  • APM Body of Knowledge: The APM Body of Knowledge is written by a group of professionals with knowledge surrounding successful project management and the five dimensions of professionalism.

Training Videos

  • YouTube Channel: In this collection of  training videos, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows how to leverage different PM methodologies with the changing structures of teams, giving best practice updates along the way.

  • International Institute for Learning YouTube Channel: The IIL produces solutions to help businesses succeed by discussing a variety of project management methodologies, the training necessary to gain knowledge about them, and other PM best practices.


  • PM Tips: Learn about trending project management topics in this comprehensive website where you can find articles covering topics like project management certification, steps to become a more efficient PM, and how to handle remote project management.

  • Business Analyst Times: This website, dedicated to all things project management, showcases articles, webinars, whitepapers, blogs, and more, focusing on the updates and best practices of all things project management.

  • Project Times: Similar to Business Analyst Times, Project Times reports on project management through a variety of mediums, making it a go-to hub for PM best practices.

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