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5 Marketing Tips from Smartsheet Power Users

by Emily Esposito

Do you want to increase success rates with A/B testing? How about generate better ROI from content? Or run events like clockwork? It all starts with Smartsheet. 

Marketers use Smartsheet to streamline communication, improve transparency, and get more work done. They coordinate website development, branding, design, annual reports, national events, and more, keeping everyone on the same page and meeting deadlines.

And now, we’re giving you the chance to get the inside scoop from these marketing super users. Learn their best tips and tricks to save time, collaborate better, and be more productive. 

Here are five marketing tips from Smartsheet power users:

1. Stay on Track and Meet Deadlines with Reminders 

“With Smartsheet, I can set a system of reminders up in minutes – the amount of time that saves me is huge,” said Will Sullivan, chief strategist for Visceral, a digital agency. “It’s made our processes much more efficient.”

For Visceral, reminders are especially helpful for complex projects like website development with pressing deadlines. Instead of constantly checking the calendar to meet due dates, the Visceral team knows they will get an automatic email reminder for Smartsheet to stay one step ahead of important details. 

Learn more about how Visceral uses Smartsheet in this video:

2. Summarize Activity Across Multiple Projects 

“Reporting is the biggest win for our team,” says Lindsay Talbot, associate producer of Animation Mentor, an online animation and visual effects school.  “Whenever you want to know the exact status of different tasks from multiple projects, running a report instantly pulls it all together.  

"For example, our art director is constantly fielding update requests from other departments – now she’s able to easily summarize her team’s activity by running a quick report across all of their sheets.” 

Animation Mentor's blog schedule in Smartsheet.

3. Access Important Documents, at Your Desk or On the Go

The marketing team at the Port of San Diego is responsible for all activities that promote the Port as a vital part of the San Diego community. They create collateral like graphic design, website management, annual reports, press conferences, events, and more. 

Justin Kanoya, marketing projects manager, works with Port employees, vendors, and hundreds of contractors to create and deliver all these programs. 

“Having all this information in Smartsheet saves us countless hours researching invoice status for vendors. We have immediate access, even if we’re not at our desk, to how much money is left in a specific budget. Invoices are rarely misplaced or lost because of the process we have set-up and the tracking that Smartsheet has instilled,” said Justin.

Watch this video for more ways Justin and the marketing team use Smartsheet:


4. Provide Real-Time Visibility into Projects 

In 2012, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was preparing for its 20th anniversary with its largest tour and event in 20 years. Thousands of guests were invited to the national tour in four cities, culminating with events in Washington, D.C.

Christine Sonnabend, the lead project manager, used Smartsheet as the centralized spot where the team could work while also providing visibility to the regional offices. 

“Now everyone can see exactly what’s going on – the status of each deliverable, the attachments, comments, and which designer is assigned to each task. It’s taken the mystery out of project management – and the random, time consuming questions,” said Sonnabend. 

Former President Bill Clinton and Museum Founding Chairman Elie Wiesel keynoted on the final day of the national tour.

5. Streamline Cross-Departmental Meetings

The team at Cypress Grove Chevre, makers of fine goat’s milk cheese, uses Smartsheet to capture meeting agendas, tasks, and notes, wherever they are. 

“We have weekly conference calls and from wherever we happen to be that given week, we open up Smartsheet to see the agenda, the progress, and immediately focus in on any trouble spots. It’s a real time-saver, “ says Jason Baxter, marketing manager.  

Get more Smartsheet tips from Cypress Grove in this video:

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