These 3 Free Template Sets for Higher Ed Speed Up Your Work

by Katie Frazier

Animated GIF shows template examples for Grant Application Tracking, Grant Fulfillment Status, and Facilities Management

Whether you are a faculty member, an administrator, or support staff, employees working in Higher Education are expected to deliver high-quality programs in state-of-the-art facilities.

With ever-shrinking budgets and growing responsibilities, it is no wonder today’s colleges and universities need to seek funding from external organizations to meet the demand.

Grants are often needed to fund programs and research initiatives that drive the institutional mission. An organized grant application process is critical to being awarded the opportunities you value most.

At Smartsheet, we designed three template sets for Higher Education to help you with planning grant applications, tracking grant fulfillment over time, and facilities management. 

Master Your Grant Application Plan

The Grant Application Plan template set provides a holistic solution to help you track grants from initial discovery to award. In addition to being able to track the various phases of the grant application process, you can easily gain high-level real-time insight into key metrics that will keep you on target.

Track the Grant Fulfillment Lifecycle

Smartsheet template for Grant Fulfillment Status

After you win the grant, you need a way to coordinate and track it throughout the award lifecycle. The Grant Fulfillment Tracking template set allows you to create a task list to track each activity, request information and updates from key stakeholders, and attach crucial documents all in one central location.

This flexible and fully customizable template set gives you the ability to populate important information with simple data entry prompts. The grant fulfillment status dashboard provides a seamless way to report on the grant’s current standing to anyone with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Own and Execute on Facilities Work Orders

In addition to managing the grant application and fulfillment processes, Smartsheet also offers a template set for facilities management. The Facilities Management for Higher Ed template set helps you capture work order requests, assign owners, manage by priority and type, and monitor progress until tickets are closed.

You can customize the dashboard to centralize facilities resources, such as important documents and links, key contacts, and emergency hotlines. This solution is designed to provide cost-effective and responsive service for maintenance and operation of facilities that support living, learning, and working environments.

Align Your Institution With Smartsheet

We know that even seemingly small steps in these grant processes can be the difference between winning or losing out on critical funding opportunities. There’s not enough time in the day to waste your valuable efforts on manual tracking and excessive meetings when a simple status notification will do.

Smartsheet’s Higher Education template sets can help you win grants, track critical information, boost transparency, and save you time. For more information on how Smartsheet can help educational institutions, go here.  

Download the Template Sets:

  1. Grant Application Plan for Higher Ed: Build an effective plan that helps you organize critical components in your grant application process to keep you on target.

  2. Grant Fulfillment Tracking for Higher Ed: Manage the grant project, deliverables, and budget while seamlessly report on the grant's performance progress to key stakeholders.

  3. Facilities Management for Higher Ed: Streamline processes for capturing work orders, assigning owners, and monitoring progress to resolve orders faster.