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The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager

by Kelly Anthony

17 Tips for Project ManagersIt’s the list-making time of year, the time when people are thinking about fresh starts, big plans and even bigger wins. So here, just in time for your New Years resolution list, is the unofficial Smartsheet guide to upping your project management game in 2014.


The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager

The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager | An infographic by the team at Smartsheet

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The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager

  1. Read widely, especially about human psychology.
  2. Learn how to play poker. The ability to manage risk and place smart bets is a critical career skill.
  3. Become an early adopter of new technology. This will not only make you more efficient, it will make you an important resource within your organization. 
  4. Be proactive. The ability to see one step ahead determines whether you manage the project or the project manages you.
  5. Go mobile. Buy a tablet and install your productivity apps on it.
  6. Use Linked In as a news source. It’s become an absolutely marvelous discovery engine for anything related to work.
  7. Make a point of being prepared for anything.
  8. Never check your cell phone in the middle of a meeting. Ever.
  9. Cultivate relationships before you need them.
  10. Be curious about everything. You can build genuine connection with anyone on your team based on a mutual interest.
  11. Hold yourself accountable. 
  12. Take your personal grooming up a notch. Never underestimate the subtle power of looking sharp.
  13. Be an optimist. No one was ever inspired to meet a difficult project challenge by a negative outlook.
  14. Keep a bowl of candy and pack of gum on your desk. It gives people a reason to stop by.
  15. Be punctual, not punctilious.
  16. Go out for drinks with the most difficult stakeholder you work with. You may be surprised.
  17. Remember, lists are essential to managing a plan, but it’s people who bring the plan to life. 

From the project management minds @Smartsheet, the tool millions of PMs worldwide choose to work more productively than ever before.