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[Podcast] Hear Our CEO’s Secrets to Building a Great Team

by Katy Beloof

Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader is featured on today’s SaaStr Podcast with host Harry Stebbings. The SaaStr Podcast interviews the most prominent SaaS operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics, and strategies to attain success in the fiercely competitive world of SaaS, including what it takes to scale successfully and what the core elements of hiring are for a high-growth company. You can download the episode here.

In this episode, Mark and Harry discuss a range of topics, including:

How startups should hire:

  • How startups should approach hiring across market cycles
  • How to win “hot talent”
  • Why people over-index culture fit
  • Where most startups go wrong in their early hiring process
  • How to stress test a candidate before you hire

How feedback really works:

  • How to think about creating a structured framework for giving employee feedback
  • Why people overestimate the importance of the feedback itself
  • The importance of output in providing feedback

How to balance output vs. input:

  • How to balance the complex elements of output vs. input
  • Why you can’t just measure activity

And more!

Download the episode here.