Smartsheet Is a Leader in Collaborative Work Management Tools for the Enterprise

by Lindsay Bleier

We are thrilled to announce that industry analyst firm Forrester Research has named Smartsheet a leader in collaborative work management. According to the newly released report, The Forrester Wave™: Collaborative Work Management Tools For The Enterprise, Q4 2018, “Smartsheet leads the pack with a balance of features and future strategy.”

Collaborative work management (CWM) is no longer an emerging category, but is essential for digital business, and quickly becoming teams’ work system of record for enterprise visibility. Forrester’s evaluation of the CWM market finds that “CWM tools are in the midst of a wave of innovation that will expand their capabilities and raise their potential ROI.”

The report evaluated CWM providers against 34 criteria designed to assess their current offering, strategy, and market presence. In our view, the Forrester report describes this evolving market and highlights how CWM offerings such as Smartsheet can enable teams to work together effectively.  

Here are our top report takeaways:

1. Smartsheet “Leads the Pack With a Balance of Features and Future Strategy”

In its evaluation of the collaborative work management category, Forrester analysts noted that organizations should consider the several key points when assessing potential investment.

Among those key points, we at Smartsheet believe we offer:

  • Adaptability for a broad set of use cases: Breadth and depth with customers and their diverse use cases.

  • Depth of collaboration capabilities: Support for collaboration with both internal and external (non-subscriber) stakeholders and creating project and work activities from a comment or a conversation.

  • Flexible marketplace solutions and integrations: Breadth of the technology, consulting and reselling partnerships, and extensive level of integration with third party tools like Google and Microsoft.

  • End-user automation capabilities: Capabilities that enable customers to build workspaces that plan and track progress for both repeatable process-driven activities and artifact-driven workstreams, and enable moderate-level workflow design capabilities that business users can develop without administrative oversight.

  • Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI): Capabilities to optimize productivity, including AI capabilities that help teams to drive greater adoption (leading to greater visibility)

  • Customer Success and Satisfaction: Post-implementation services that guarantee customer success, as well as customer satisfaction with product roadmap and ability to support collaborative work management needs.

To hear Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discuss the importance of collaborative work management and its current landscape at Smartsheet ENGAGE’18, watch the video below.

2. “Collaborative Work Management Is Essential for Digital Business”

The increased pace of digital business requires cross-functional teams to work together to deliver digital products and services to their customers. Those that do so will ultimately lead the market.

All knowledge workers today struggle with information overload and the constant demand to manage day-to-day responsibilities like projects — whether or not they identify as project managers. And all work now requires collaboration with cross-functional peers, customers, and partners.

In the report, Forrester asserts that “market differentiation demands increased speed to market, but maintaining that velocity while balancing complex business processes highlights the need to access critical data at the team level to make time-sensitive decisions.”

Teams and organizations need an operational system of record, and, according to the report, “CWM’s flexible use cases and consumer-grade usability create common workspaces that act as an execution-level system of record.” In short, CWM is essential for digital business.

3. “CWM Tools Are in the Midst of a Wave of Innovation”

In today’s report, we believe that Forrester underscores the importance of innovation in the category, citing “data management, artificial intelligence, and business-oriented workflow design” as the most important differentiators for Smartsheet. “Traditional project management technology doesn’t adequately support the needs of organizations going through digital transformation,” according to the report. “Vendors that can optimize team productivity by delivering flexible collaboration and process optimization through machine learning and by responding to their customers’ needs will lead the market.”

We believe that Smartsheet does that, and more. At our recent Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference, we announced 20 new product enhancements. Our focus is on empowering businesses with a better approach — and better results. We believe that this is an exceptional validation by Forrester Research, and, as always, we are focused on creating ever-better solutions for the enterprise.