The vast and continuous impact of Smartsheet Accelerators

by Melissa Hopelain

We launched the first three Smartsheet Accelerators on July 17, 2018 based on actual customer insights and best practices. Since the initial release, we’ve continued working with our customers and experts to develop more Accelerators that serve a variety of common departments, programs, and workstreams. 

We set out to test the waters last year with packaged solutions for some of our most standard use cases, and we saw our Accelerator for IT PMO, Accelerator for Professional Services, and Accelerator for Mergers & Acquisitions quickly pick up steam. These solutions resonated with more than just our internal teams; customers, partners, analysts, and the market at large instantly saw value in them. 

We were up and running with the IT PMO Accelerator in 30 days and within that time-frame, we have significantly enhanced our PMO program visibility across the Fluid Systems Division. This has saved us countless hours, eliminating time spent building PowerPoint and Excel updates.

Nick Petropoulos, Director of IT, Parker Aerospace - Fluid Systems Division

Smartsheet customers face business challenges every day, so we knew we needed to keep innovating to help them be more effective. That’s why we’ve built Accelerators for sales, marketing, and to help organizations be compliant with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the end of the day, Accelerators help bridge the gaps between people, technologies, and the goals of an organization. While we’re taking a look back, we’re not resting on our laurels. 

Illustration of a rocket ship blasting off out of a laptop computer

What exactly are Accelerators?

Accelerators are pre-built solutions that utilize best practices to help quickly solve business-operations challenges, at scale. This means that every Accelerator is built with three main themes in mind:

1. Core and premium capabilities

Whenever the Smartsheet platform evolves, so do Accelerators; they include any and all of our core functionality, such as content collaboration, conversations, and more. 

In addition, Accelerators often take advantage of premium products that we believe will help to drive scale and increase velocity across the organization. These premium products could include: Control Center, Dynamic View, Connectors, Calendar App, and 10,000ft

2. Established and vetted best practices

Business and program leaders deal with constant pressure to optimize and standardize practices, routines, and technology — which is crucial to their program’s overall success — often with limited resources and personnel. 

Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of customers to implement solutions. Based on the experiences gleaned from our customers, our consulting efforts, and industry leaders, we operationalized their best practices for solving business challenges. 

3. Defined and targeted buyer

We recognize that not everyone will benefit from an Accelerator, so we build each solution with a target buyer in mind. Ultimately, it’s these innovative people who embody a can-do spirit tasked with solving their unique process and program challenges. 

And we want to empower them to drive transformation within their organization, evolving their work culture from being simply productive to making an effective and lasting impact on their organization.

Modernize the sales organization

Our customers who work in sales told us they needed a better way to effectively manage their deals, pipeline, forecasts, and people to ultimately drive accountability as well as visibility for more aligned and accurate sales cycles. 

Smartsheet Accelerator for Sales Forecasting

Enter our next trio of Accelerators, created to help sales organizations activate achievement and, hopefully, exceed their sales targets.

  • Accelerator for Customer Engagements allows sales reps and their customers to be better aligned throughout the sales cycle. With a greater ability to manage many moving parts and gain clearer visibility into the sales process, sales organizations can increase deal size, win rates, and more accurately forecast their pipelines. 

  • Accelerator for Sales Rep Onboarding provides a framework to successfully onboard new reps so they can start selling right away. Reps can easily dive into policies, products, sales processes, complete self-assessments, and receive instant feedback on their performance. 

  • Accelerator for Sales Forecasting enables sales leaders to create accurate forecasts through collaborating on pipeline insights, and consistently roll up forecasts from the reps through to management. Once the department consistently applies this process, they’ll likely see more accountability, predictability, and effective decision-making. 

A new way to meet GDPR compliance standards

As we continued to think about which Accelerators to create next, a very unique idea came to fruition. At the beginning of 2019, Protiviti, a full-service firm with expertise in internal audits, financial advisory, IT consulting, and risk advisory, approached us to partner on creating an Accelerator for GDPR.

Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR dashboard

This union was timely and apt, as the firm helped us throughout our GDPR-compliance journey. By taking a closer look at Smartsheet, Protiviti employees discovered the capabilities, flexibility, and extensibility of the platform, believing that it was ideally suited to help organizations solve their GDPR challenges. 

Over the next nine months, we worked with Protiviti to not only fold their GDPR methodologies into Smartsheet to effectively operationalize the end-to-end process of initial and ongoing compliance, but we are also in the process of jointly implementing customers with this solution. 

We officially announced the launch of the Accelerator for GDPR during ENGAGE’19, our annual customer conference. This solution and this partnership give us the opportunity to expand our customer base and discover new Smartsheet use cases. 

What about marketing departments? 

Speaking of acquisitions, we acquired Slope, a software built to help companies track and manage their creative work. The acquisition enabled us to think through ways that we can better serve our customers who work in marketing and creative fields, as well as their stakeholders.

Smartsheet Accelerator for Campaign Management

After we created capabilities for content collaboration and proofing, we recognized that creating some Accelerators for Marketing would help our customers solve some of their biggest challenges around marketing campaigns, shared services, and event planning:  

  • With the Accelerator for Campaign Management, companies can launch omni-channel campaigns that resonate with their target audiences while they create, measure, and exceed marketing goals. The solution helps department leaders and managers see the bigger picture of each campaign, while having a bird’s-eye view into marketing tactics.  

  • Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services helps marketing teams transform workflows by making them effective partners that complete every project on time. With this solution, marketing departments can create and sustain standard operating procedures, while improving collaboration and communication between stakeholders. Teams can view the status of marketing requests, and weigh in on creative assets such as copy or image proofs.

  • Accelerator for Events supports cross-functional teams as they create, deliver, and measure the success of events, from customer conferences to trade shows to user group meetups. Organizations can use this solution as a baseline for all marketing events, whether the company is hosting them or participating as a vendor.    

More Accelerators in store

Over the last 15 months, we’ve launched 10 net-new Accelerators that deliver value to our customers. With these solutions, they can quickly — and at scale — address their unique program challenges. We have no plans to stop creating these solutions anytime soon. 

We want our current and potential customers to harness the power of the Smartsheet platform to amplify their ingenuity and create the conditions for long-lasting success. 

To learn how to achieve more with our pre-built solutions, contact our team today. 


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