Streamline Productivity On the Go with NEW Mobile Web Forms

by Joosung Nam

The idea that work is a place we all go is fast disappearing. Instead, work is seen more and more as something we do. Today, work can happen anywhere, and at Smartsheet we’re committed to delivering tools that help you get more done, wherever your work takes you.

Smartsheet’s mobile app puts you just a tap or a swipe away from your most important work. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest upgrade: updated web forms.

Say Hello to Your New Mobile Productivity Secret Weapon

With our latest mobile updates, web forms work better than ever in Smartsheet’s iOS and Android mobile apps. It’s easier to access your most commonly used web forms and manage multiple web forms from your mobile device.

Here’s what you can expect with the latest update of Smartsheet on your phone:

  • A more intuitive web form experience: Now, web form links on your phone will open directly within the mobile app. When you tap on a link to a web form on your mobile device, it will automatically open in the Smartsheet native app.
  • Shortcuts to find what you’re looking for: You’ll see a new web form section in the app’s Home screen, in addition to the categories for your Favorites, Sights, and sheets.

Your Recent Items, also included in the mobile app Home screen, now includes web forms. Recently opened web forms will appear in your Recent Items, along with your most commonly used Sights, sheets, and reports.

Mobile Web Forms in Action

Our customers are using web forms to overcome communication and collaboration challenges. Whether they are inundated with marketing requests from all corners of the organization, or managing multiple contractors and vendors rotating on and off a construction site, mobile web forms are a simple solution to address a wide range of challenges.

Here are some examples of how mobile web forms are being used:

  • On-site documentation: Mobile web forms simplify processes for teams that are on job sites and need to communicate quickly with field office staff and other team members. They use web forms to collect data and the camera function to quickly snap photos and communicate with the rest of the team.
  • Request intake: Teams that handle requests, from creative groups to IT teams, streamline their intake processes with mobile web forms. They reduce ad-hoc requests and one-off questions by empowering their teams with web forms their stakeholders can easily access on their mobile phones to stay in touch and help consolidate requests.
  • Personal task lists: Individuals can capture moments of inspiration or last minute ideas with a mobile web form and task list combo. Web forms are a way to quickly and easily capture thoughts and a personal task list in Smartsheet to organize and prioritize tasks and next steps.

Other Updates of Note

A few other recent mobile updates include:

  • Microsoft Azure authentication: Use your Office 365 work credentials to sign in to Smartsheet from your mobile device.
  • Saved filters: Slice and dice your view of your work with shared filters, saved filters, and the Current User filter.
  • Long press actions: Long press on a row header in a sheet to move rows via drag and drop (available only on iOS, coming soon for Android).

These latest enhancements are only the beginning of what we have planned to improve the way you work on your phone. We’re hard at work on new ideas to quickly capture information and share it with the right people at the right time using Smartsheet on your phone or tablet.

Let us know what you think of these improvements. We’d love to hear from you! And if you haven't had a chance to give our mobile app a try, download it for free from the iTunes or Google Play stores.