4 Google Integrations to Streamline Business Collaboration

by Renee Coulombe

When it comes to technology, business leaders know there's no such thing as a single platform that meets everyone’s needs. In our 2017 State of Enterprise Collaboration report, 90 percent of enterprise IT decision makers believe the presence of multiple collaboration tools in the workplace has made employees more productive.

But if teams are working across siloed work applications, important information can fall into a void. With over 15 secure integrations, Smartsheet and G Suite are enabling teams to collaborate with precision and transparency.

Learn how these four Google integrations can help you streamline processes and drive meaningful gains for your business:


1. Hangouts Chat

You can now receive and reply to Smartsheet notifications, requests, and reminders without ever leaving Hangouts Chat. This connection improves visibility, accelerating your team's work through real-time updates sent directly to your communications hub.

The message recipient has the ability to respond to the request, set a reminder, or view the notification in Smartsheet for more detail. Get more done where conversations happen.

To learn more about Smartsheet for Hangouts Chat, read this post.

Hangouts Chat

2. Google Calendar

Get a complete and comprehensive view of your schedule, activities, and tasks with Smartsheet and Google Calendar. With the ability to highlight key dates and deadlines, you’ll never miss a due date or meeting again.

Overlay your Google Calendar on to project plans in Smartsheet, or publish key dates from your task sheets and plans to Google. The two automatically sync dates so you’re always looking at the latest information.

To find out more about how Google calendar can work for you, watch the video below:



3. Google Drive

No more hunting for the latest version or draft. Smartsheet works with Google Drive to make your files easily accessible — when and where you need them. Attach Google Docs, Sheets, Images or Slides to an individual task row or entire sheets, and instantly sync updates.

Google Drive

4. Gmail

Do you find yourself constantly searching your inbox to locate a project related email in a sea of updates? Keep track of important emails and information with the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on.

This connection allows you to add emails as attachments directly to a specific row in a sheet, so you and your team can quickly find updates and other crucial information for easy reference. You can also import Google contacts from Gmail to Smartsheet to easily share projects.

Gmail Add-on


These integrations are just a few of the ways that you can drive productivity by combining Smartsheet with the Google tools you know and love.

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