Delight Customers With the Smartsheet for Service Cloud Connector

by Joe Stanfill

Advances in service management technology have primarily come in the form of better reporting and visualization of customer data. While important, those advancements have done little to move the needle on one significant variable that directly drives higher customer satisfaction: collaboration.

The way service teams work together — and with customers — to execute and resolve issues is one of the most important determinants of their ability to influence customer satisfaction.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Smartsheet for Service Cloud Connector, which aims to change the way service and support teams work. By creating new ways to collaborate and provide better visibility into customer issues, service teams free up more time to provide exceptional customer service.

Smartsheet for Service Cloud Connector

Connect the Data for Better Collaboration, Visibility

The Service Cloud Connector enables you to create one-way or bidirectional workflows which synchronize data between Smartsheet and Service Cloud.

Once in Smartsheet, Service Cloud data can be rolled up into powerful dashboards which summarize team activity and performance, in real-time, for service managers and leaders. In this way, leaders have the information they need to course correct and make the best decisions for their teams and customers more quickly.

Work Together for Faster Resolutions

The Service Cloud Connector strengthens communication between teams, empowering them to collaborate internally on programs and leverage the information they need to make high impact decisions:

  • Using the connector, customer support specialists can collaborate with development teams to quickly resolve issues.

  • External customers, vendors, and stakeholders can get up-to-date information on support cases and review progress, then provide feedback to field agents.

  • Product teams gain secure visibility into support cases, so they can understand how features land, and plan future work, based on customer insights.

  • The entire team can view scheduled and unscheduled work at the same time, making sure they correctly schedule, plan, and assign all tasks.

  • Company leaders get a 360 degree view of customers, including open and closed opportunities and implementation statuses. Valuable data and metrics can be rolled up into Smartsheet dashboards, which are both easy to set up and to use.

Whether they need to help customers with general support issues, or overcome implementation challenges, teams can use the Service Cloud Connector to get to root causes and resolutions faster. Service leaders and managers also have the information they need to monitor team performance in order to quickly make strategic decisions.

Accelerate Service With Smartsheet Dashboards, Card View, and Gantt View



Different project types need unique standard processes and work management tools. Smartsheet Card View and Gantt View add helpful visualizations that are even more powerful when linked to Salesforce through the Service Cloud Connector. With Smartsheet, your company can use these time-saving features:

  • Dashboards With Charts: Teams can roll up bulk customer data and key statistics for executives to understand at a glance.

  • Card View: This view makes it easy to flag, triage, and assign key cases in team meetings so individuals can expedite effective resolutions.

  • Gantt View: Easily view team resource allocation on a project management timeline and make adjustments based on need.

Service teams who use Smartsheet for Service Cloud Connector are better positioned to meet the needs of customers. Improved visibility — into the right information, performance metrics, and the work being done — has an unmistakable impact on cross-functional collaboration. Teams that work together using up-to-date intel via Smartsheet tools can focus on customer happiness to retain and grow business.

To learn more about how the Smartsheet for Service Cloud Connector, contact our team.