Get More Done Without Leaving Gmail

by Dustin Avol

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your email. More people are collaborating on multiple projects and trying to keep everyone updated and aware of key details -- and using email to do so. If you use Gmail to send emails and attachments to provide updates and prompt action, you’re probably feeling the pain of trying to keep information organized and manage your work from within your inbox. Having to move out of Gmail and into another application, and then look for the information you need to provide an update can take time you don’t have, especially if you’re managing multiple projects.  

Smartsheet for Gmail Add-On

The new Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on enables you to add emails and attachments directly to a specific row in a sheet, so pertinent information stays in the context of the work you’re doing, rather than getting buried in your inbox. This also ensures that all stakeholders have easy access to the information they need whenever they need it -- without having to ask you for it.  

You can also use the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on to create a new row and then fill in the required task information the email sparked. This will allow you to quickly create new tasks containing critical documentation (email body and desired attachments) in Smartsheet for everyone to reference in real-time.

One example of how the add-on can help you manage your work is approval tracking. Often, important decisions are made or approved over email, and the record of that decision lives in email. Having to store and track down the approval email each time it needs to be referenced is time-consuming and prone to errors.  Now, when you get an approval, you can stay in Gmail and easily attach it to the applicable row in Smartsheet or to a new row. Everyone working from that sheet can quickly reference the decisions and approvals made and act on that information. This add-on makes it possible for you and your team to be more efficient and increase your execution speed to drive productivity.  

At Smartsheet, we want to make you even more productive by working where you work. We integrate with the tools you know and love so that you and your team can move from idea to impact - fast.

How to get the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on:

Option 1:

  • Get the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on in the G Suite Marketplace
  • Install the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on
  • Follow prompts to allow the add-on to access your Smartsheet account

Option 2:

  • From within Gmail, click on the “settings wheel” in the upper right-hand corner and select “Get add-ons”

Get add-ons


  • Select the Smartsheet option or search for “Smartsheet” and install the add-on
  • Follow prompts to allow the add-on to access your Smartsheet account
  • Once the add-on has been installed, it will automatically be accessible in the Gmail app for your Android device (the app may need to be restarted).

Update: G Suite administrators can now install Gmail Add-ons across their entire domain. If you’re a G Suite administrator, go to the G Suite Marketplace to install the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on for yourself and everyone on your domain.  If you are not a G Suite administrator, you can contact your admin or IT department and ask them to turn it on so the whole team can benefit.

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