Reduce Time Spent Collecting Signatures with Smartsheet and DocuSign

by Diana Ramos

Gone are the days of printing document copies, flagging for needed signatures, mailing them off, then waiting for their eventual return and hoping sections weren’t missed and mistakes weren’t made. With electronic signatures, you can avoid several expenses: time, resources, and postage.

And that’s not all. E-signatures allow the recipient to quickly sign documents on any device, no matter where they’re working or which platform they’re using. Whether they’re traveling and using a mobile device, or simply sitting in a cubicle across the country, e-signatures simplify and accelerate an archaic process, allowing everyone to get work done faster.

Collecting Signatures Made Easy


With the Smartsheet and DocuSign integration, this signature process has been made even easier. You can quickly collect electronically-signed documents in just a few clicks. First, map fields containing contact information stored in Smartsheet to attributes of one or more DocuSign templates. Once you do that, it’s saved as a reusable workflow you can use again at any time.

Then, using the saved workflow, instantly send the documents to one or hundreds of recipients from your sheet, and each person will receive a unique DocuSign envelope to review, sign and submit. When each envelope is completed, the signed documents are automatically attached to the corresponding row in Smartsheet.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Started with Smartsheet and DocuSign

You’ll need a DocuSign account to use the Smartsheet + DocuSign integration. If you don’t already have one, go to to sign up.   

First, connect Smartsheet Labs to your Smartsheet account by clicking the Login with Smartsheet button. Next, enter your DocuSign account credentials to connect Smartsheet Labs to your DocuSign account. Once Smartsheet Labs is connected to both your Smartsheet account and your DocuSign account, you are ready to create a reusable workflow to create DocuSign envelopes using data that’s stored in Smartsheet .

  1. Prep a sheet in Smartsheet. Choose a sheet that contains the recipient information (name/email) and other data that you want to use to create DocuSign envelopes. You’ll be able to create a DocuSign envelope from any row in the sheet, so make sure that each row contains recipient names and email addresses, as well as any other data that you want to map to fields in the Docusign template. If you want the ability to auto-map data from the sheet into fields in the DocuSign template, make sure that the column names in the sheet match the corresponding field names in the DocuSign template that you’ll be using to create envelopes.
  2. Find (or create) templates in DocuSign. If the templates you want to create envelopes from already exist in DocuSign, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, create a template in DocuSign by following the instructions found here.  
  3. Build the bridge between Smartsheet and DocuSign. Now that you’ve identified the sheet that contains recipient data in Smartsheet and the DocuSign template that you want to create envelopes from, you are ready to create the connection between the two apps. Go to and click the Build New Workflow button. Follow the wizard to select the DocuSign template, select the sheet in Smartsheet that contains the recipient data, map data from Smartsheet to fields in the DocuSign template, and name your workflow. Tip: If column names in the sheet match field names in Docusign, you can use the Auto-fill Tabs link during the Map Your Tabs step to automatically map Smartsheet columns to DocuSign fields.

Reduce Time Spent Collecting Signatures 

Now that you’ve created a reusable workflow, you’re ready to start sending your documents and gathering signatures. Whether you need to collect signatures for a vendor contract, complete new hire paperwork, or execute a nondisclosure agreement, the Smartsheet and DocuSign integration will help you to streamline the process, track the details, and work more efficiently.