Connect critical enterprise systems to Smartsheet with Data Uploader

by Jim O'Farrell

Editor's note: We recently launched Data Shuttle, an updated version of Data Uploader. Learn more about Data Shuttle, which now allows you to both upload and offload your data between Smartsheet and your ERPs, CRMs, and databases. 


In order to collaborate with cross-functional teams across the business, some of our customers spend hours sorting, filtering, and then copying data from other systems into Smartsheet, relying on this manual, repetitive, and error-prone process to make sure they have the most up-to-date information in one place.

We built the Smartsheet Data Uploader to help teams drive better collaboration by providing visibility into multiple business systems through automated data importation that optimizes data quality.

Automatically import data Into Smartsheet

With the Data Uploader, you can automatically import data from enterprise or proprietary software systems into Smartsheet, including your ERP, CRM, database, and more — anything you can download to a CSV file.  


Smartsheet Data Uploader makes it easy to bring data from enterprise systems into Smartsheet using a spreadsheet or .CSV file

Data Uploader securely reads common spreadsheet formats such as CSV, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel, and updates Smartsheet at a configured schedule. Teams can be more productive and business leaders can make timely and confident decisions with visibility into data from multiple enterprise systems used across their organizations.

How customers use Data Uploader to impact their organizations

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about how they are using Data Uploader to reduce manual, error-prone processes, provide visibility into previously siloed data, and improve collaboration across their organizations.

Reduce errors and delays in equipment availability

"Beckman Coulter leverages the Smartsheet Data Uploader to reduce delays in equipment availability for our customers. The Data Uploader virtually eliminates the time consuming and potentially error-prone approach that we used to manually update equipment availability reports.  Everyone here loves the timely equipment availability dashboards and are confident in the information as it is presented."

Brian Vaughan

Senior Implementation Manager, Beckman Coulter

Visibility into previously siloed data

“Data Uploader significantly extends the value of key business systems by enabling our process owners to tie data from those sources into their Smartsheet-driven processes. This provides visibility into previously siloed data, and we can efficiently drive daily processes with the right data when and where we need it.”

Laurie Stack

Chief of Staff, HP  

Improved collaboration on clinical trials

"Karyopharm manages thousands of clinical trials, generating a massive amount of data. We now use the Smartsheet Data Uploader to consolidate numerous Excel worksheets down to a single sheet in Smartsheet, providing our clinical analysts with the ability to collaborate with the right data ... no matter the system or source. I already have five other applications in mind for Data Uploader and we've only just started!!

Bruce Warren

Clinical Analyst, Karyopharm Therapeutics  

To learn more about how leaders from Karyopharm Therapeutics and Beckman Coulter are using Data Uploader, watch the webinar below:


As you can see, teams across industries use Data Uploader to automatically import data from other software systems, reducing errors, improving collaboration, and gaining visibility into data across the business. Easily get all the information you need from your ERP, CRM, or other systems in one place so you and your organization have the information you need to succeed. Contact to learn more about how Data Uploader can help you and your team.