Manage GDPR compliance with confidence

by Melissa Hopelain

Today, businesses that manage user data need to protect their customers during data transfers through best-in-class security practices and consistent transparency for data use in privacy policies — no matter where customers are located. 

On May 25, 2018, the European Union (EU) implemented GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), which is currently under immediate enforcement among all member states of the EU. GDPR provides a unified set of rules designed to give people in the EU better control over — and more transparency into — their personal data as they use digital platforms. 

As privacy control and process requirements under GDPR are strict and detailed, compliance is a time-consuming and complex task for most organizations. 

Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR processing activities dashboard

We want to help our customers navigate these challenges, which is why we created the Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR, a prebuilt solution that provides an integrated operational process that enables privacy leaders to consistently and effectively achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

How GDPR impacts your business

If you’ve read up on GDPR, you probably already know that every level of leadership and almost every line of businesses within an organization can be impacted. From executive leaders to business units, all are required to protect their user data and prove that they put their customers first.

While many organizations spent a lot of time updating their policies to meet the May 25 deadline, many organizations continue to struggle with operationalizing and continually managing their GDPR requirements. 

Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR controller dashboard

Not only is GDPR compliance serious from a privacy perspective, but it can have a significant impact on a company’s financial health. According to Ovum, 52% of organizations believe GDPR will result in fines for their business, and 68% feel that it will dramatically increase the costs of doing business in Europe.

Considering that the penalty for noncompliance is up to 4% of your company’s revenue or 20€ million (whichever is greater), it’s imperative to make sure that your compliance processes are consistent and as effective as possible.

Effectively implement GDPR compliance 

The Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR allows organizations to create an integrated end-to-end operational framework for consistent, ongoing compliance, monitoring, and reporting. It helps to automate several key processes, including privacy impact assessment and data mapping, identifying privacy risks, and remediation plans across an organization. 

Instead of scrambling around to meet compliance standards with inefficient processes, tools, and disconnected software, you can use this Accelerator, built specifically to help you comply with GDPR through increased internal visibility and effective collaboration between data protection team members.

“We were looking for a platform that provides a centralized view of the disparate processes involved in maintaining GDPR compliance, an effective operational tool to support those processes, and the visibility necessary to promote cross-departmental communication,” said Lori Blackley, Director of Risk and Compliance at Epiq. “The Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR enables all of this along with user-friendly dashboards and reporting so we know where to focus our efforts in the enterprise. We've also been pleasantly surprised with how customizable the platform is and have even started using Smartsheet for tasks other than GDPR, seeing real efficiency gains as a result.” 

Now, when issues are flagged or supervisory authorities ask for proof of compliance, your privacy contact can readily provide your real-time compliance data through the Smartsheet dashboard included in the Accelerator.

The Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR offers organizations a method to demonstrate accountability by establishing a specific set of controls, assigning ownership across the organization for implementing and operating these controls, and maintaining evidence of compliance history. 

GDPR compliance request repository report in Smartsheet

Standardize systems, workflows, and remediation plans

So, how does the Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR help your company? We based this solution on recommended best practices from GDPR experts. This solution comes with several benefits:

  • Consistently inventory and evaluate your data processing systems, at scale. 

  • Identify technical and organizational gaps to seamlessly manage remediation plans to meet GDPR obligations. 

  • Enables an operational workflow that easily allows EU residents to make data subject rights requests and organizations to track and respond to these requests.

  • Quickly provide real-time compliance data if supervisory authorities ask for proof of GDPR compliance.

We understand that under GDPR accountability is important to you, as are prioritizing customer data protection and transparency to maintain trust (and avoid fines that could derail your business). This Accelerator enables cross-departmental collaboration, issue tracking, and auditable trails, while helping you deploy the compliance process with confidence and enables privacy leaders to make better decisions.


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