New Product Capabilities Announced at ENGAGE’18

by Gene Farrell

We are excited to be hosting customers this week at our second-annual Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference. One of my favorite things about this week is that I get to spend most of my time talking with customers, learning about their organizations, and hearing their stories.

I love the opportunity to engage with customers because their business problems and needs inform everything we do. At Smartsheet, our purpose is to empower everyone to improve how they work, and I am thrilled to share the new capabilities we announced today at ENGAGE that have the power to transform how you work — and how you innovate and grow your business.

Empower Everyone to Improve How They Work

One of the keys to empowerment is enabling customers to work the way they want, wherever they want, in order to accomplish their goals.

We heard from you that you use Smartsheet across a broad set of use cases, some of which require the ability to assign or update a group around changes to a particular row.


Screenshot of assign multiple contacts to a column

To support this, you can now assign multiple people to a single task. Sheet owners or admins can change the contact column properties to enable this new feature, so you can decide whether to enable the ability to assign multiple people to a task, or continue to require the clear ownership of a single contact.

"We [have been] eagerly waiting for the multi-assign feature in Smartsheet. Our department has many jobs that don't need to be assigned to any specific individual. It just needs to get done."

Rosanne Ingoglia

Business Director, Liquid Church


Quickly See and Respond to Comments With @mentions

We also listened when you told us that you wanted to be notified when someone left a comment, so you could resolve questions and issues faster without missing anything.


Screenshot of @mentions function

Today we launched the first wave of @mentions in row- or sheet-level comments. Now, when you @mention anyone who is shared to the sheet in row- or sheet-level comments, the mentioned user will be notified.

“We frequently use the comments sections as a way to keep a historical record on progress, calling out roadblocks, and exploring thoughts. With the addition of @mention it’ll make the entire process flow much more organically and greatly reduce the amount of side conversations.”

Joseph Dunphy

Senior Associate, athenahealth

An Easier Way to Automate Business Processes

Last year at ENGAGE, we introduced automated update requests and approval requests to start accelerating the execution of repeatable business processes. This was just the beginning of our mission to empower you to save time on repetitive tasks and focus on work that matters. Today we are releasing a new intuitive visual workflow builder that makes automating alerts and actions even easier. You can read our full automation story here.


Empower Teams to Move Ideas Forward With Automation

Get More Work Done From Anywhere

We hear from customers of all sizes how critical it is for them to be able to execute on work wherever they are and stay productive outside of the office. “I really appreciate the innovation and dedication to improving the Smartsheet mobile app,” one customer at a Fortune 500 company told us. But we know we can do more.

We recently launched barcode scanning capabilities using the Smartsheet mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, and now barcode scanning has been incorporated into forms so your team can scan, search, and instantly find and input barcode data from anywhere. One customer shared that they already find the scanning feature to be “very helpful” and that their coworkers are also seeing the benefits of this feature.

We are dedicated to innovating and improving upon our mobile app to keep making it easier for our customers to get work done from wherever they are. Be on the lookout for card view in mobile and other enhancements in the coming months.

Speed up Your Ability to Get Things Done

We designed Smartsheet dashboards and portals to help you make better decisions, faster, by surfacing real-time information so you can identify trends, shift priorities as needed, and see a complete picture of what you need to know, all in one place.

What we found was that our customers were getting really creative with their uses of dashboards and portals — and they wanted additional ways to surface and display relevant information to their teams and stakeholders.

So today we announced the web content widget for dashboards and portals, which lets our customers embed, view, and interact with external web content, such as:

  • Tableau and Microsoft Power BI reports

  • Videos from YouTube and Vimeo

  • Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets or Microsoft Office 365 Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

  • Google Maps or Bing Maps

  • A form, the Smartsheet Calendar App, or a sheet (switch between grid view, Gantt View, card view, or calendar view).


Company resource portal with web content widgets

“The best way to reach our employees is to provide content that is enticing and visually stimulating. Embedding videos directly on our dashboards will allow us to connect with our audience through media without them navigating away from our page. This is going to be a game-changer!

Christine Wickland

Learning Business Partner

Nordstrom Merchant Group

Jump-Start New Projects and Processes

We often hear from customers that they don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up systems or configuring sheets — they want to spend time getting work done! In April, we launched our Solution Center, a resource to help you get started with projects and processes faster and expand your use of Smartsheet to quickly solve broader business problems.


Smartsheet Solution Center

“I really liked the ease of use and the Templates really helped me get started quickly. There were a lot of good ideas, keep making them!”

Facilities Coordinator

Fortune 500 Tech Company

We also understand that you not only need to solve business problems faster, you also need a way to scale your operations, and to do it quickly.  Over the summer, we launched Smartsheet Accelerators, pre-built solutions that rely on best practices and rapid deployment to get scalable processes up and running quickly.

Today, we are excited to announce the Smartsheet Accelerator for Customer Engagements, which provides clear program visibility, instant customer value, and stakeholder engagement, to solve sales management challenges — fast. Smartsheet Accelerators for Deal Review and Sales Forecasting will be available in the coming months.

These three new Smartsheet Accelerators build on our existing Accelerator offerings for IT PMO, Professional Services, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

“The approach for deploying The Smartsheet Accelerator for Professional Services is incredible. This was the fastest software implementation I have ever been involved with in my career."

Brian Vaughan

Senior Manager, US Implementation Services, Beckman Coulter

Solve Work Execution at Scale

From governance and security, to managing change, to managing work at scale, we’re continuously building additional capabilities to serve our customers who manage work across large organizations.

One challenge that many of our customers who manage large or complex projects face is the need to share data selectively with vendors, clients, internal and external teams, or across organizations, without collaborators seeing all the information in a sheet (or in some cases even knowing about each other).

These customers need to manage their projects and processes from a central sheet, but their stakeholders and collaborators only need a partial view of the process that pertains to their work.

Today we launched Dynamic View, a premium app that empowers teams to improve how they manage processes at scale by enabling business users to collaborate using the same set of data, while maintaining confidentiality when working with multiple stakeholders.


Smartsheet Dynamic View set up interface

Dynamic View enables business process owners to provide selective viewing and editing access, so only specific information can be viewed or edited by specific people at specific stages.

In the coming months, we will release additional product enhancements to support enterprise-wide deployments and data governance such as directory integration, departmental billing, and event monitoring.

Learn More About New Capabilities

Over the next few days, you’ll hear more from us on other new features announced at ENGAGE’18 — including updates to our automated actions, new integrations, and more.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore the new Learning Center, to find out more about our new and updated capabilities, as well as best practices employed by other customers to help you improve the way you work.

Want more of the ENGAGE’18 excitement? Watch the recording of the opening day keynote below.

Editor's note: This post is first in a series we ran during ENGAGE'18. Read the next post in the series, Empower Teams to Move Ideas Forward With Automation, to learn more about our new automation capabilities.