Optimize your IT PMO operations, fast

by Jim O'Farrell

IT leaders face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality projects faster with limited resources, regardless whether they are managing complex application development, deployment projects, or orchestrating IT processes.

Adding to these challenges is the decentralization of specialized work. Decentralized work can offer opportunities for innovation as local business teams create highly configured work processes; however, it can lead to siloed work and the replication of work across an organization.


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IT projects over budget, under value

Siloed teams manage projects using different strategies, processes, people, and technology, which prevents IT leadership from gauging project performance and deciding which ones to fund.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) Pulse of the Profession, the average IT project runs 45% over budget while delivering 56% less than the expected value.

This lack of a consistent process for planning, communicating, and managing project execution has resulted in over 40% of all IT projects needing re-work, according to PMI.

IT teams are struggling to keep pace with today’s demands. IT business leaders need a new vision for work execution that balances agility, flexibility, and scalability in a way that helps them fully support the rest of the business.

Accelerate IT project delivery

Whether orchestrating simple tasks or complex portfolio management, IT business leaders need to increase the efficiency of their PMOs to provide the business with a return on investment.

The Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO is a rapid time to value approach that enables IT teams to centralize project prioritization, drive consistency in project execution, global updates, and project archiving, while providing real-time visibility into strategic initiatives.

This solution is based on one of the prominent uses of the Smartsheet platform and distills thousands of customer IT PMO insights into a set of best practices and standards, providing the best starting point for an IT program management automation system.

The IT PMO Accelerator enables IT management to accelerate IT project delivery and get real-time portfolio visibility into budget versus actual metrics while providing ease of use to drive user adoption.

It provides a way for PMOs to start with demand prioritization and span the IT project lifecycle through tracking, executive reporting, change management, and project archiving, resulting in program transparency, execution consistency, and high levels of user adoption.


IT PMO Work Processes


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How Motus accelerates projects from ideation to completion

Linda Lauritano, VP PMO at Motus, needed to figure out a way to coordinate people, processes, and technology to manage a portfolio of projects and programs more efficiently. Not only was she trying to make her PMO more efficient, but she had been challenged by their CEO to get the PMO ready for an upcoming merger.

The Project Management Office at Motus needed to be ready to scale their process — and fast.

Lauritano struggled to answer key questions as she looked to scale her organization:

  • How can we update projects in one place for time savings on reporting?

  • How can we efficiently provide reports with different levels of detail to different audiences?

  • How can we manage new project requests and project set up for scalability and visibility of impact on roadmap?

She decided to look to Smartsheet for a solution. She says, “As we got closer, I realized that this is absolutely something we must accomplish if I’m going to be positioned for what our CEO challenged us to do.” So she set up her PMO to run in Smartsheet.

The result?

  • Clear visibility from a top-down perspective

  • Crisp, succinct details that a very busy team can digest

  • Information available to all key stakeholders (project managers, executive team) at the right level of detail

Lauritano estimates a significant time savings on each project her team has rolled out:

  • 8 hours/project saved on project review, approval, and setup

  • 4 hours/project manager/week saved on reporting, status updates, and meeting prep  

  • Savings of over $100k/year (minus cost of platform)

And these are just the efficiencies gained. Lauritano adds, “Our executives are completely wowed by the availability of real-time program progress data, which enables them to make rapid, informed and strategic decisions — something that was impossible before Smartsheet.”

To learn more about the Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO, contact our team or get in touch with your Smartsheet sales representative.