Say "Yes" to Change With Control Center's Global Updates

by Jim O'Farrell

“Our SVP would like to review our current project risks - oh and she needs it by tomorrow morning!”  

Sound familiar? For business leaders on the receiving end of requests like this one, you know the subsequent pain that comes with making changes to hundreds of documents, projects, or sheets - not to mention the risk for error!

One common challenge many enterprises are addressing today is the need to make better decisions ever faster. To accelerate innovation, businesses are seeking ways to strike a balance between decentralized work while still maintaining structure and control.

This delicate balance becomes more challenging to preserve when change is a factor. Without a mechanism to easily adapt and then distribute those changes, at scale, to existing projects, the margin for error skyrockets.  

Something has to give!

Introducing Smartsheet Control Center Global Updates

Smartsheet Control Center empowers our customers to preserve the balance between flexibility and control -- and, released today, Global Updates make it easy for business users to readily adapt to changing requirements. This new functionality enables updates to your work, at scale.  Add, update, or remove existing fields, metadata, and more across multiple existing projects, at once with Global Updates.

Drive Faster Process and Reporting Innovation

Global Updates better enable continuous innovation by arming you with the ability to consistently manage change across your project portfolio.

Say “Yes” to Change

With Global Updates, it’s never been easier to adjust to new business requirements without requiring mass amounts of rework. Now you can make changes across your entire portfolio, program, or processes at once:

  • Instantly add a new column to start tracking new business metrics.
  • Add new swim lanes and rename departments and initiatives by updating existing columns.
  • Start reporting on a new key performance indicators (KPIs) and getting instant portfolio level insights.
  • Easily update existing best practices or add additional process steps.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency in change management across the project and process life cycle is critical in order for organizations to scale work efficiently.  With Global Updates, once changes are finalized, they can be tested immediately and verified without affecting existing projects. Now you can quickly verify that changes were made exactly as planned.

Drive Innovation

Global Updates is a new Smartsheet Control Center component providing organizations the ability to drive innovation in their processes and across the project lifecycle. It empowers business users to foster process innovation and drive competitive advantage by embracing continuous improvement, at scale.

See for yourself how MOD Pizza uses Smartsheet Control Center to scale their store expansion plans with ease and consistency:

For more information about this release, please contact our team.