Seamlessly Connect Information to Speed Teamwork

by Amy Frampton

As the speed of work accelerates, it’s critical that you have the information you need at the right time, in the right place, and in the right format. Yet information is often disconnected, as enterprises use one platform to plan, track, and execute on work and still others to store and report on the data required to get work done.

When I talk to our customers, I regularly hear the same feedback: that they require a work execution platform that connects seamlessly with other apps, tools, and platforms. That’s why we’re constantly working to integrate Smartsheet with the tools and platforms you use to get work done — including messaging platforms, CRMs, email, and other data sources.

Today I’m excited to share with you the newest Smartsheet Connectors, integrations, and key features that we highlighted this week at the Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference, all of which will help your business work seamlessly across systems.

Empower Your Teams to Execute — Without Switching Apps

To empower all of our customers, we’ve introduced integrations with leading messaging applications, so that team members can receive the information they need to move work forward in their preferred messaging app.

These powerful integrations include:

  • Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and Google’s Hangouts Chat: Speed up progress by removing the need to switch gears and apps. Take action on alerts, reminders, @mentions, update requests, and approval requests from Smartsheet directly in the messaging app

  • Microsoft Teams: Receive notifications on changes in Smartsheet directly in Microsoft Teams

  • Quip: Add context to conversations by embedding, publishing, and editing Smartsheet items in Quip  

Here’s how one team gained the visibility they needed to quickly take action without leaving Slack:

“Slack helps our teams organize and stay aligned on objectives and key deliverables. When you add Smartsheet into the mix, those teams gain new visibility into progress and metrics, and can take action on those rich insights. ”  

Lindbergh Matillano

Senior Business Manager, Technical Operations


We’ve also made it easier to share information from email to a sheet, so you say goodbye to copying and pasting. Earlier this year, we released the Gmail Add-on for Smartsheet, which allows you to quickly save emails to Smartsheet rows. This joins the Microsoft Outlook Add-on for Outlook customers.  

Then, at ENGAGE, we announced Smartsheet for Tableau, which allows users to visualize their Smartsheet data in Tableau, to gain deeper insights into the patterns and trends that drive their business.

Synchronize Data With New Smartsheet Connectors

Smartsheet Connectors enable non-technical users to automatically connect and sync data between Smartsheet and other business-critical platforms, giving stakeholders real-time visibility into the most up-to-date information and enabling collaboration across teams.

At ENGAGE, we announced the Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector, which helps customers maximize their customers’ satisfaction by simplifying handoffs from sales to professional services and enabling sales teams to manage their pipelines more efficiently.


Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector interface

This connector joins an integration portfolio that includes the Service Cloud Connector, as well as our Jira and Salesforce Connectors.

And for customers already using a Connector, we’ve added greater visibility into data synchronization. Now, users can easily see within the Smartsheet app that they have the ability to connect to external data through a Smartsheet Connector. Users can also quickly see whether their sheets are receiving data from a Connector workflow, and quickly navigate to the Connector to make changes and optimize their workflows.  

We also launched the Smartsheet Data Uploader, now called Data Shuttle, which enables you to import and export data from your enterprise systems in Smartsheet, including your ERP, CRM, or database. With Data Shuttle, you can easily import and export data from any system that can download to .csv, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet, giving you access to previously siloed data where your teams can maximize its use.


Smartsheet Data Uploader interface



“Data Shuttle significantly extends the value of key business systems by enabling our process owners to tie data from those sources into their Smartsheet-driven processes. This provides visibility into previously siloed data, and we can efficiently drive daily processes with the right data when and where we need it.”

Laurie Stack

Chief of Staff, HP

The Power of Connected Information

Many of our customers are already experiencing the power of Connectors and integrations to help their teams get more done faster. One such customer is Falcon Structures, who found a way to keep customer records updated and logistics organized using the Smartsheet for Salesforce Connector.

With the Salesforce Connector, the Falcon team requested updates from customers and vendors directly through Smartsheet, and pulled that data into Salesforce, substantially reducing the need to manually enter record changes. Their team quickly saw a time-savings of four to five hours a week, along with improved process visibility, communication, and decision-making.

Stories like these keep us dedicated to building Connectors, integrations, and features that help our customers —  and their customers and vendors — continuously improve how they work. We know that their teams and stakeholders can only do their best work when they have access to all of the information they need.

These new integrations — and those we have we have planned in the coming year — will continue to connect critical information from multiple sources, so our customers can quickly access the information they need to drive value for their companies.