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Now in Sights and Reports, Activity Log Shows You What’s Happening

by Staff Writer

Activity Log is one place to see who has viewed a sheet, what changes were made, and when those activities occurred. We think you should be able to see what happens everywhere, so we’ve added Activity Log to SightsTM  and reports! 
Now licensed customers on a Business or eligible Enterprise plan can see who viewed Sights and reports - in addition to sheets - and find out what was changed and when, all in one place. Activity Log has filters by user, date range, and action types to make it easy to hone in on what you care about. 

Know Who’s Viewing Your Information 

One benefit of extending Activity Log into Sights and reports is that you can see if Sights and reports are being viewed by the people you’ve shared them with, so they have the information they need to work better.
Say, for example, Anita is a sales training manager and maintains a Sight where she publishes all training content. She wants to know who is accessing the content on her Sight and how often. Rather than surveying the sales team, Anita checks the Activity Log. She sees that many reps are frequently viewing the Sight, demonstrating that the Sight is an effective communication platform for the sales team.

Keep Tabs on Who Is Shared to Your Sights and Reports

Another example of how you might use Activity Log is to see who’s been shared to a report and therefore has access to the information in that report. For example, Martin owns a multi-project financial report that only key executives and their direct reports should have access to. In a casual conversation, he learns that some people have access to the report who shouldn’t be apprised of the information it contains. 
He opens the Activity Log for the report and filters for “Sharing”. He sees that the user was shared to the report at the workspace level, and is able to quickly unshare the report from that person. He then reminds the person who shared the workspace of the importance of confidentiality.

Remember, only licensed customers on a Business or eligible Enterprise plan can view Activity Log on sheets, Sights, and reports. If you’re interested in upgrading to access Activity Log for your company, contact our team to learn more about all the benefits our Business plan has to offer.
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In Other News:

We’ve flipped the logo in the app header from the right side to the left side, made the logo a little smaller, and shifted the Account settings and Help link to the right.  Along with that, we’ve given account administrators new abilities to push custom branding out all users on their account.
We also renamed ‘Web Forms’ to ‘Forms’ in the app, added In-line Formula Help, and hyperlinked locations in sheet properties, so you can quickly find where a sheet, report, or Sight lives. You can learn more about these changes in our release notes.