Smartsheet for Gmail Add-On Keeps Projects Moving Forward

by Dustin Avol

As the pace of work accelerates and work becomes more collaborative, you need to keep more and more stakeholders updated and aware of key details — and you’re likely still using email to do so. Moving out of email and into another tool to access your project plan, and then tracking down the data you need to provide up-to-date information can take time you don’t have, especially if you’re managing multiple projects.  

Here’s a look at how the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on (and other G Suite integrations) enable you to move projects forward more quickly, and ensure that everyone involved has the information they need to do their part.


Now G Suite administrators can install Gmail Add-ons across their entire domain. If you’re a G Suite administrator, go to the G Suite Marketplace to install the Smartsheet for Gmail Add-on for everyone on your domain. For additional info, see our help article.