Eliminate Silos With Smartsheet for Workplace by Facebook

by Andre Ropeta

According to the Enterprise Collaboration Report, 97% of organizations use two or more collaboration apps to stay on top of work planning and execution. Yet multiple apps can lead to disparate information and ultimately slow work down.

For teams that work across organizations, these issues are exponentially larger — in part because different workers choose their favorite app and check it often, but only look at the others sporadically, if at all. As a result, a project manager would need to engage stakeholders through different apps or expect significant delays in responses.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Smartsheet for Workplace. Workplace by Facebook is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate, and collaborate using familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages, and events. Now, with Smartsheet for Workplace, you can choose to receive Smartsheet notifications directly in Workplace.

Combine Work and Communications to Accomplish More

With Smartsheet for Workplace, in addition to having the option to receive notifications and requests by email or mobile push, you can also receive them in Workplace Chat.

Authorize Smartsheet for Workplace by Facebook

And while receiving notifications and requests by chat is great, the really exciting part is that you can take action on update and approval requests without leaving Workplace. Now you can respond to updates and approve requests directly in Workplace Chat so you can accelerate work.

Approve a request in Smartsheet for Workplace by Facebook

This integration frees project and process managers from having to remember how each person on their team would like to be notified, and those receiving the notifications can feel confident they are getting messages in their preferred way as quickly as possible, and respond from where they typically communicate with colleagues.

In short, combining your communications and work platforms allows you to have context around the work you are doing, get real-time visibility into changes made and information needed, so you can move work forward more quickly.  

Enterprise-Grade Security With the Familiarity of Facebook

Workplace employs enterprise-grade security, enabling you to do your work with confidence, in a familiar environment. Rather than having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your coworkers to be a part of the conversations that matter most to your projects.

Easy and Intuitive Chatflow

This is the first Smartsheet integration that uses Converse.AI Chatflow technology, which applies natural language technology to automate workflows and data exchanges. We look forward to leveraging this technology further to help customers create new ways to accelerate work execution and innovation.

For more information on how to set up Smartsheet notifications in Workplace, read our help article.