Take Action on Updates and Approvals Directly in Slack

by Joe Stanfill

Work processes are being disrupted worldwide by a new generation of enterprise collaboration tools that leverage the versatility of the cloud to deliver faster, more impactful work experiences. There are few better examples of this than Slack, which has taken the world of collaboration by storm and now serves more than 70,000 paid teams every day.

In April of this year, Smartsheet launched its integration with Slack, which enabled process owners to deliver notifications to their teams’ Slack channels in real-time, as their work changed in Smartsheet.

Users gained new visibility into their work in Smartsheet by aligning alerts about a team’s work to the channel-driven context that makes Slack so powerful. A few months later, it was among our most actively-used integrations and users wanted more.

Today, we deliver on that demand and provide Smartsheet users with even more ways to turn their ideas into action, without ever needing to leave Slack.

Meet the New Smartsheet for Slack Integration

Slack users who enable the Smartsheet integration can now receive notifications as direct messages, provide responses to update requests, and take action on approval requests from Smartsheet directly within Slack. This integration will provide our customers with a meaningful upgrade to team transparency and information that helps them drive their work forward:

“Slack helps our teams organize around key blocks of work and stay aligned on objectives and key deliverables, especially as it concerns project and task management. When you add Smartsheet into the mix, those teams gain new visibility into progress and metrics, and can take tactical action on those rich insights. We’re adding the new integration, which will give our teams even greater flexibility to choose how they get their work done.”  

​Lindbergh Matillano

Senior Business Manager, Technical Operations, Tableau


Smartsheet for Slack helps to speed up business decision making by delivering the right information to the right teams and individuals, allowing them to take action on work and eliminating the need to switch context unnecessarily.  

Receive Smartsheet Notifications as Direct Messages

Enabling the integration allows you to receive alerts - notifications and reminders - from Smartsheet as direct messages in Slack. By consolidating and delivering information directly to specific users, communication in team channels can stay focused and uncluttered.

Direct Messages


Respond to Requests from Slack

Update requests initiated in Smartsheet can now be delivered directly to a specified team member in Slack. The recipient is prompted to open the request and, upon submitting, is notified of the completed action.

Approve Requests

Similarly, you can now respond to approval requests within Slack upon prompting by other team members. Processes like asset reviews, agreement renewals, decision sign-offs, and more are accelerated when the approving team member can take action directly within a conversation organized around those processes.

Combined with notifications to a channel or directly to a set of individuals, automated actions like these become powerful ways to execute work and give visibility on progress to the rest of the team.

How to Get the Integration

To enable direct messages and automated actions in Slack click here:

Add to Slack

Within Slack, you can also select “Apps” in the navigation bar and search for “Smartsheet.” You will then be prompted to authenticate with your Smartsheet account and the integration will be enabled.

If your Slack admin has not turned on this integration for your workspace, simply request that they install the integration by clicking the green “Request to Install” button in the Slack Directory. Once prompted, you can fill out the request form and a message will be sent to your admin.

For more details about how to get started, read our help article.