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Smartsheet Core App Release Notes

Below you will find the latest brief release notes outlining new features. If you have questions about a new feature or enhancement, please contact your account representative or visit the Learning Center.

Smartsheet Product Update - August 26, 2019

Attachments in Right Panel

Now when you open a list of attachments (for your sheet or a particular row), it will now appear in the right panel rather than a separate modal window so you can work in the sheet while the right panel is still open.

Smartsheet Product Update - August 22, 2019

Directory Integration 

Customers with Enterprise or Premier plans can now enable Directory Integration with support for both licensed, and unlicensed users. Directory Integration our customers to connect and synchronize their Azure Active Directory to Smartsheet, enabling key scenarios such as:

  • Provision Users: Leverage directory groups to add users into the right role, and have those changes synchronized to Smartsheet automatically.

  • Deprovision Users: When a user is no longer in your enterprise directory, they are also removed from your organization’s Smartsheet account. Deprovisioning users gives you the option to transfer Smartsheet objects to an escrow user defined for the account.

  • Manage User Profile Data: Synchronize your user’s department, cost center, and other fields into their Smartsheet user profile. 

Smartsheet Product Update - August 12, 2019

Formulas in Contact Columns

Users can now enter formulas in contact columns to support scenarios including VLOOKUP of contacts. Combined with Smartsheet's automation to notify the assignee of the new work item, request an update, and much more, teams are now able to create extensive workflows, making it easier for work to start without the need for manual intervention.

Smartsheet Product Update - August 7, 2019

Sheet Summary

Sheet summary provides a standard location to surface information on a sheet in our new right panel experience, on all sheet views. This will enable your team to define, organize, and report on summary info in the periphery of a sheet.

Customers will notice the new sheet summary icon on the right rail, on all sheet views. Clicking the icon will open our new right panel experience. A blank sheet summary will show the help video and brief description of required permissions.

Card View Default Level Change

With this release, the default level for card view will be “all levels” and users will be able to see all of their rows and data when they first change to card view.

New Default for Publishing Access 

In an effort to add additional safeguards around our user’s data, we are shifting the default publishing selection from "anyone with the link" to "users on the owner's account."

Smartsheet Product Update - July 8, 2019

New Layout Option for Forms

The Modern layout adds a second panel to the form that provides more space for the logo, title, and description. When you scroll through questions in the right panel, the information in the left panel remains stationary for a clean look and easier experience reviewing instructions when filling in forms

Smartsheet Product Update - July 2, 2019

24 New Formulas Added

These highly requested formulas significantly improve user productivity and include CONTAINS, DISTINCT, AVERAGEIF, and DESCENDANTS. To see all of the new formulas in action, check out the Smartsheet Formulas Examples sheet

Smartsheet Product Update - June 10, 2019

Smartsheet Gov Now Available

Smartsheet Gov is a new Smartsheet environment with Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization built on the AWS GovCloud (US). Smartsheet Gov makes it easier for U.S. government agencies to use Smartsheet to manage their work while helping them meet their security and compliance requirements.

Smartsheet Product Update - June 5, 2019

Additional Date Formats

Date columns, as well as project-dependency date columns, now have additional formats to choose from.



Smartsheet Product Update - May 21, 2019

@Mentions Users Who Aren’t Shared to Sheet

  • When a user @mentions someone on a row or sheet, they will not only send that person a notification but they will be able to share that user to the sheet.

License Request Management Tab

  • System Administrators now have a tab where you can see all Licence Requests consolidated in one place. This tab lives in account administration. The tab provides a consolidated view of all requests received, when they were received and any personalized notes from the requestor.  

  • License Request Management Tab will streamline the license request process and will enable system admins to accept individually or in bulk.


Smartsheet Product Update – May 10, 2019

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows make it easier than ever to create, manage and collaborate on automation in Smartsheet. With our latest enhancements you can:

Consolidate existing single-action rules into sophisticated workflows with multiple actions. Address a variety of scenarios with multiple conditions in the same workflow. Or, view your entire workflow at once.


You will now be able to set up a recurring cadence for your workflows. Save even more time and keep your team on track when you send recurring deadline reminders, status requests, and more.

Nomenclature Changes

Alerts & Actions menu has been renamed Automation to reflect the additional capabilities available. Use the Automation menu as the starting point for creating and managing automated workflows.


Smartsheet Product Update - April 24, 2019

Driving Path & Summary Path

The length and complexity of many projects require a more detailed way for users to identify critical tasks, but only within a particular hierarchy. Summary path identifies the critical path from a parent row down to all levels of subtasks that roll up to that parent, instead of looking across the entire project.

To enable summary path, right-click on a parent row in a Gantt chart and select Show Summary Path. Smartsheet will calculate the critical, zero-float tasks starting from the first subtask down to the latest end date of any subtask that rolls up to that parent, and outline them.



We’ve also added Driving path. In a large project with many tasks and associated relationships, there will be vital tasks with an important start date. Driving path can span across hierarchies and look “up” the project to highlight all the predecessor activities that may be encroaching on a task's start date.

To enable Driving path, right-click any child or subtask in the Gantt chart and select Show Driving path to easily see which tasks, based on predecessors, affect its start date.


Dashboard Printing Improvements

Safari and Chrome users can now print dashboards across multiple pages. Learn more

Smartsheet Product Update - March 28, 2019


The new launcher menu gives customers quick access to all of the premium apps included with their license, such as Dynamic View, Calendar, Data Mesh and the Pivot app.

The launcher also provides direct access to other Smartsheet apps, like Control Center, Data Uploader or the Center of Excellence, customers have logged into.

Customers can also use the launcher to explore and download hundreds of free templates from the Solution Center.

Learn more about the launcher here.



Embed On-Prem and Other Approved Content in Dashboards

System Administrators of Enterprise and Premier accounts can now give their users the option to embed content under their registered domains.

To learn more about enabling the feature, check out our help article here, and to learn more about adding additional domains visit this help article.


Smartsheet Product Update - January 29, 2019

Trigger Workflows at a Specific Time

Stay on schedule with time-based workflows: specify the day and hour that you want the workflow to be triggered. The hour you choose is in the sheet owner’s timezone.

Set Conditional Reminders

Sheet-level reminders just got smarter:

  • Set conditions to only send the reminder in certain cases (e.g., send if Status is not Complete)

  • Send up to one year before or after a key date

  • Send to anyone with a valid email address to keep more stakeholders accountable and informed

  • Make the reminders more informative and actionable by specifying columns to include, customizing the subject line, and pulling in row-specific data using dynamic placeholders.

Learn more about Alerts & Actions here.


Archived Release Notes

You can access archived release notes here.