Introducing faster, sleeker schedules in 10,000ft

by Natalie Rohde

We’re excited to share some brand new enhancements to the People and Project Schedules in 10,000ft by Smartsheet.

The schedule views in 10,000ft are where everything comes together – all of the data about all of the people and projects across your entire organization. The problem is, for large teams, this ends up being a lot of information.

The original architecture of the People Schedule loaded details about team members, projects, and assignments at the same time, across all time. This worked well for small to mid-sized teams, but we heard from larger teams that this approach was making it difficult to quickly interact with the schedule when you landed on the page.

So we’ve made big changes to how data loads on the 10,000ft resourcing schedule so you can more quickly see the information you need.

While rebuilding the schedule, we also took the opportunity to address customer feedback about filtering and sorting on the schedule. Along with the increased schedule speed, we’re releasing several improvements to the schedule experience in 10,000ft. 

Here’s an overview of the four key changes:

1. Faster resourcing schedule

Now, when you get to the schedule, only the team members, placeholders, and assignments that are in view for the current time frame get loaded (your browser window size affects the time frame that gets displayed). 

As you navigate the page and scroll vertically or horizontally, we progressively load more details, surfacing additional team members and assignments from the past or future that weren’t previously in view. This new approach to populating only the details for what’s actually in view means a faster schedule experience overall.

Scheduling in 10,000ft just got better

2. New left side panel for filtering and sorting

We’ve given the schedule menu a fresh new design and replaced the drop-down with a left panel that can be pinned open while you use the schedule, so you can more quickly get to the view you need.

We’ve also added additional sort options to the schedule menus: 

  • People Schedule: Sort by first name, last name, discipline, role, and availability

  • Project Schedule: Sort by start date, end date, project name, and client

New left side panel for filtering and sorting in 10,000ft

3. More consistent saved views across 10,000ft

Saved views are now accessible from both people and project schedule views to make navigation between pages more seamless. On the People Schedule, the “Sort By” option now includes first name, last name, discipline, and role. On the Project Schedule, the “Sort By” option now includes project end date, start date, project name, and client name. We’ve also introduced a new “time frame” filter to see current, future, or past projects.

These changes still adhere to existing permission levels; admins are the only ones with access to create, update, and delete shared views across your company’s account.

Saved project views in 10,000ft

4. New default view of the Project Schedule

The project schedule now defaults to a more focused view of just your current projects sorted by their end date, so the projects that are wrapping up the soonest bubble to the top. And with the new timeframe filter control, you can further customize this view and create saved views.

Create a default project schedule view in 10,000ft

We are confident these updates will better support your team’s workflow. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback – we’re continually making enhancements to the 10,000ft software and we’d love to hear from you.