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2.9MM cases shipped. 634 work orders. One tool.

CRP has a well-earned reputation for 5-star customer service and award-winning custom packaging for beloved brands like Sur La Table and Tesla. Smartsheet became the tool for improving the quality of client projects and internal operations while saving time.

“Having one common but flexible tool has been a huge gain in efficiency. Smartsheet saves each of us an hour every day because details are no longer buried in servers and email.”

Kristen JohnstonKristen JohnstonDesign & Marketing Manager
Smartsheet Custom Templates Smartsheet Custom Templates


Consistent Processes

“Everyone had their own system for tracking which meant less access to projects and duplicative efforts.”

Heather Pugh, Project & Account Manager


Custom Templates

Heather first documented all project requirements into a single sheet. Then she turned that into a consistent template that all account managers use to start each project.

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Smartsheet Shared Worksheets Smartsheet Shared Worksheets


Data Visibility

“When I started the Seattle office I had to both learn a new role and create tools to ensure the business would succeed.”

Kristen Johnston
Design & Marketing Manager


Shared Worksheets

To get started, Kristen moved timesheets, client estimates and POs to Smartsheet. She then linked the sheets so the data flowed automatically. Without any extra effort, cell formulas indicate when hours are close to exceeding estimate.

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Smartsheet One Destination for Documents Smartsheet One Destination for Documents


Efficient Onboarding

“We’re doing a lot of hiring and there’s a standard set of information each person needs to get started. We didn’t have one place to send them which also meant we didn’t have version control.”

-Denise Quach
Administrative Assistant


One Destination for Documents

Denise and Heather collaborated on a workspace for new and existing employees. This allowed them to create sheets and folders with a clear structure for everything from a how-to directory to hiring timelines.

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“Before Smartsheet we were managing our business on paper using printed reports. Operations tasks that would take 2 - 3 hours now take 10 - 15 minutes.”

Kristen Johnston Design & Marketing Manager

Smartsheet for Project Management

Whether orchestrating simple tasks or complex portfolio management, PMO leaders rely on Smartsheet to align the right people, resources, and schedules to get work done.

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