Hanson’s Installations Improves Efficiency With Smartsheet

Hanson’s Installations had a challenge; the business wasn’t operating as efficiently as possible. By using Smartsheet to streamline operations, standardize processes, and effectively communicate with the entire project team, the company positioned itself for growth and serving customers.

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"The advantage with Smartsheet is that it’s flexible. You can customize it to fit with your existing systems, with little time needed to get up and running."

Larry “Wayne” Hanson Jr.

President and Owner

Founded in 1984, Selma, Texas-based Hanson’s Installations, Inc. is a labor subcontractor that specializes in installing a wide variety of laboratory equipment, casework, and millwork. The company has masterfully managed details associated with large, complex projects, including lab installations in hospitals, research centers, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions throughout the state of Texas.

Having efficient processes in the field throughout the supply chain is critical to success. “We focus on creating solutions,” says Larry “Wayne” Hanson Jr., president and owner. “When my father founded the company 30 years ago, he challenged us to not only bring him the problems, but also present solutions at the same time. This notion is instilled in every facet of our business, including the technology we use.”

Hanson realized that his business was not operating as efficiently as possible. “We were working on numerous jobs, in widespread locations, and there was no standard process in place to ensure effective communication throughout the entire project team,” he explains.

Hundreds of status update emails filled his inbox but left him without clear visibility into job status and solutions to many open issues. Excel spreadsheets were not comprehensive enough — nor did they offer real-time visibility into status. Many of the purpose-built construction project management tools in the market were too expensive and difficult to implement. Hanson knew they needed a new way to manage their workflow and began his search for a solution.

Finding a Solution

Smartsheet’s ease of use, simple collaboration functionality, and anytime, anywhere accessibility was just what Hanson needed. The first use was creating processes for every stage of the company’s projects, from bidding and project punch-lists to project status and scheduling.

Today, the company uses Smartsheet to foster collaboration as well as create a company culture brimming with transparency and accountability for all project team members. Status emails are reduced and communication with customers, vendors, and other contractors is seamless.

“Anywhere, anytime access results in 90% less email and 100% more efficiency,” said Hanson. In addition to streamlining communication, Smartsheet has helped the company boost efficiency.

Transparent Visibility

Team members are able to immediately flag issues that arise on site with the mobile app. Via their tablet, smartphone, or their custom made Smartsheet kiosk that they bring to the job site, issues are submitted using a web form and automatically populate the specific project’s field report. Reports are shared with the customer so they are fully aware of any issues onsite, cutting down on misunderstandings.

A Single Source of Truth

Hanson and his team are able to track every aspect of the project, attaching pictures to each row in Smartsheet as backup. This helps streamline issue resolution, as well as accelerate project close-out. Additionally, within each field report Hanson attaches the required certifications and licenses for each of his team members scheduled to be on site, for a complete project resource.

Remote Collaboration

Hanson collaborates with his dispersed team, as well as its nationwide network of customers, architects, on-site workers, manufacturers, and vendors. With Smartsheet, everyone is on the same page and even the most complex project is handled with extreme attention to detail.

Improved Resource Management

With an overall project schedule, Hanson and his team are able to keep track of all projects in process at any given time and keep an eye on what is coming down the pipeline. Overall visibility ensures regional resources are allocated properly, and gives Hanson the confidence to strategically schedule future work.

Historical Analysis

When a contract is complete, Hanson uses Smartsheet to conduct a post-project analysis. By moving completed projects to a follow-up list, he has created a database that can be utilized to provide solutions for future projects.

Looking to the Future

The result of this streamlined business model? A better run business, more growth, happier customers, and even a vacation from time to time.

Additionally, Hanson and his leadership team have started a company, Synergy Space Solutions Inc. This new venture is focused on providing professional services to customers by using Smartsheet to set up and maintain custom sheets that track compliance, materials, payroll, and more. “We have a sheet for everything” says VP, Evelyn Fordiani.

The bonus for Wayne Hanson is now with his operations running more smoothly, he even has the freedom to travel and still be connected to his business.