Adobe’s Marketo Engage Helps Businesses Build Relationships That Last

The Marketo University team needed to streamline workflows to provide value for their customers. Using Smartsheet, they reduced the time it takes to compile an executive report from two weeks to 48 hours.


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How Marketo Helps Customers Win at Scale With Smartsheet

Marketo University adopted Smartsheet to minimize time spent on operational tasks, improving response time in assisting both external and internal customers.

"I’m able to make each customer feel like our only customer, because I can quickly find the data that I need to serve them the best."

Taryn Petzel

Education Coordinator, Marketo University

Improving customer experience is now a top priority of 80 percent of businesses. Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is focused on helping businesses do just that by offering industry-leading email marketing, lead management, and other digital strategies. The goal? To help marketers create real, measurable engagements with their customers through channels, including email, social, mobile, websites, and search.

“A big focus for Adobe, is empowering B2B marketers to drive business impact, and we want to empower them to create engaging, personalized experiences at scale at every interaction with their customers,” said Jeff Foster, Education Specialist, Marketo Engage.

Adobe is reimagining customer experience management; educating their growing user base on how to get the most from their technology is essential to accomplishing that. That’s why Foster and his colleague Taryn Petzel, Education Coordinator for Marketo University — the company’s customer training and certification program — are on the frontline with customers.

Customer Advocacy at Scale

Marketo University’s mission is to train prospective customers, clients, and employees on how to use Marketo Engage through product education and certification. “At Marketo, digital transformation means constant innovation and helping our customers drive business impact at scale,” said Foster. “To really be successful, marketers need to be able to blend technical skills together with industry best practices. And that's what Marketo University strives to deliver.”

“It’s my job to make sure that our customers are getting the right training and world-class customer service every time they engage with Marketo University,” Petzel stated. Smartsheet is enabling the Marketo University team to scale their processes to match the company’s growth, especially since joining Adobe.

'Making Each Customer Feel Like Our Only Customer'

Petzel joined Marketo during the summer of 2017 and inherited tools that made customer enrollment and training workflows, such as scheduling, attendance tracking, and processing payments a challenge to manage.

The original platform required Petzel to look in multiple systems every week to update enrollment numbers. The adoption of Smartsheet has helped their team access real-time data that takes less time to compile, which helps streamline their workflows. With Smartsheet, Petzel and the team have transformed the way they do business.

“I was able to make one of my processes that typically requires multiple emails with stakeholders down to just a single email by simply implementing Smartsheet forms and automated approval requests,” said Petzel.

Removing these communication and process barriers has empowered Petzel to accelerate work execution, so she can better connect with real-time training data and customers seeking product education. “I’m able to make each customer feel like our only customer because I can find all the data that I need to serve them the best,” added Petzel.

As an education specialist, Foster says Smartsheet helps him “cut through the noise and saves anything from falling through the cracks on an individual level.” In addition, the team is now able to develop operational systems that allow them to interact with customers as people, instead of accounts.


Marketo - Pretzel

Taryn Petzel, Education Coordinator, Marketo University 

Transformed Reporting Increases Visibility

Smartsheet reports empower the Marketo University team to cut the time it takes to compile a detailed, granular executive report from two weeks to 48 hours.

With the combination of reports and dashboards, Foster takes data and surfaces the metrics that leadership wants to track. More importantly, the dashboard is updated all the time and there are no files to share, which gives executives consistent visibility into key metrics and real-time data.

“Smartsheet allows me to minimize my time doing my operational tasks so that I can spend more time figuring out the best way to help our customers,” said Foster. “If we didn’t use Smartsheet, we would have to hire another person on our team specifically to do the tasks Smartsheet performs.”

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