Trillium Software Improves Marketing ROI With Smartsheet

Trillium Software needed a way to streamline the planning and reporting process of its marketing campaigns by bringing consistency to the process. Smartsheet provided one source of truth and made sure their efforts weren’t being wasted.


  • Technology

Organization Size

  • Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees)


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Marketing Launch and Campaigns

We have an internationally distributed marketing team, where people are working at different levels of granularity. All over the shop they’ve got everything in Word documents or Excel or PowerPoint. You can never pull it together in one place. What Smartsheet has enabled us to do is sweep all those inefficiencies away and give teams a distributed tool where they can capture information once and it’s rolled up into one version of the truth in real time.

Spencer Marlow, Marketing Director of EMEA

Trillium Software is a leading enterprise data quality solutions provider headquartered in Boston, MA. With teams located around the world, their services focus on helping Fortune 1000 companies clean the customer data that is housed within their marketing databases and CRM systems to ensure their clients have accurate records and can run better business processes.

With the vast amount of customer data that the world’s largest companies capture on a daily basis, maintaining clean, finely-tuned marketing databases and CRM systems can mean the difference between groundbreaking insights and terabytes of useless details.

Spencer Marlow, Marketing Director of EMEA at Trillium Software, explains it like this, “The data in the systems is like the oil and the fuel that you put in a car engine. You can have a Ferrari, but if you’ve got rubbish fuel in the engine, then your Ferrari is not going to run very well.”

The ability to detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records is essential to make better business decisions.

As a marketing director, Marlow and his team strive to excel in revenue marketing, a form of marketing where the efforts of the marketing team are accountable for revenue contribution to the enterprise that is both demonstrable and measurable.

Although the concept that marketing should be accountable for ROI seems obvious, it's not always practiced. Many marketing departments still operate within a ‘spray and pray’ mentality, which results in wasted effort and a poor customer experience.

To create more efficient operations within their revenue marketing journey, Marlow needed a tool to help eliminate inefficient workflows and take their processes, previously managed in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and automate them to deliver the greatest efficiency.

Better Planning and Execution With Smartsheet Templates

Marlow improved efficiency by standardizing the planning and execution process for marketing campaigns. He identified the activities such as events, email, webinars, and content creation, that make up a greater marketing campaign, and provided individual activity owners with a project plan template that included a few standardized fields.

By creating standard templates, Marlow streamlined the process of planning while enabling stakeholders the ability to get a high-level view of the activities by rolling up information from those plans into a report. This standardized process ensures that everyone has the visibility they need, in real time, without forcing the end user to do rework or manually send status updates.

By improving the team’s efficiency, Smartsheet boosted the effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts as well as its ROI on campaigns.

“When you can show everybody the same version of the truth on one sheet at the same time, magical things happen,” says Marlow. “That’s what collaboration is all about.”