The trusted platform for government

We understand the importance of effective collaboration and transparency within departments, bureaus, and agencies to drive innovation and achievement. That’s why we created Smartsheet Gov — a secure, enterprise-grade platform made for government agencies and built on AWS GovCloud (US).

Federal Government ready


  • FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) August 2019
  • Initial Authority to Operate (ATO) at “Moderate”
  • DISA IL2, IL4 In-Process


  • Built on the AWS GovCloud (US)
  • Based off NIST and FISMA Standards


  • Multi-factor Authentication Ready
  • Event reporting*
  • Directory integration*
  • Administration center*

Why Smartsheet is the right platform for the job



The Smartsheet interface is familiar and designed for how people really work, leading to rapid and broad adoption across your organization. Projects and programs are easy to set up and don’t require the help of IT, so you can have a solution up and running within hours.

Administration Controls


Sharing election results, managing a city’s sewer and surface water systems, tracking and executing vendor contracts, and managing real estate
can all be done with Smartsheet — no coding required.



Increase performance and accountability within your agency by identifying successes and fixing issues before they become failures. With clear
accountabilities in place, you will have deeper ownership and more engaged teams and constituents.


Real-Time Access to Information

Bring visibility to projects and programs being managed in Smartsheet through dynamic dashboards. Give project owners and stakeholders a robust, real-time view into the status of top KPIs, critical trends, and summary reports.

Empowering government agencies to achieve more

Smartsheet Gov is a secure and reliable platform that helps federal agencies bring collaboration and transparency to government initiatives to drive innovation and achieve more. With Smartsheet Gov, your agency can operate with increased agility, streamline workflows, and eliminate silos to provide the timely and accurate information you need to move forward.

Facilities Management

Project and Program Management

Complex initiatives don’t require complex solutions. Go from strategic planning to execution to complete portfolio reporting with ease.


From new construction to facilities management, Smartsheet helps improve planning, streamline operations, and accelerate mission achievement.

Organizational Budgets and Planning

Support fiscal success by simplifying the planning and management of your strategic initiatives. Bring alignment and oversight to everything from budgeting to contract management.

Admin Tools

Human Resources

Smartsheet helps HR professionals to manage everything from onboarding tasks to change-management programs, while ensuring their employees come first.