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The Smartsheet API & Developer Announcements newsletter is our way of communicating important API announcements, changes, and updates to our developer community.  To stay informed, subscribe to our newsletter by using the form on the Smartsheet Developer Portal page, and follow us on Twitter @SmartsheetAPI.




January 2016
  • Smartsheet API 2.0 updates
  • Smartsheet Python SDK for API 2.0
  • Smartsheet Webhooks - Private Beta
  • Hackathon opportunity
December 2015
  • Smartsheet API 2.0 updates
  • API Troubleshooting Guidance
  • Coming Soon: API 2.0 Python SDK
October 2015
  • Smartsheet API Best Practices
August 2015
  • Smartsheet API 2.0 updates
  • Coming soon: Webhooks
  • Smartsheet API 2.0 SDKs release (C#, Java, JavaScript)
  • Recent changes to HTTP header requirements
July 2015
  • Smartsheet API 2.0 release
  • API 2.0 SDKs - coming soon
April 2015
  • New Smartsheet PHP SDK (by SIL International)
  • Smartsheet Python SDK updates
  • New capabilities in Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs
  • Deprecation of "Report Viewer" in Smartsheet Labs
March 2015
  • API implications of "Duration in Hours" feature
  • API 1.1.9 release
  • ODBC driver private beta
January 2015
  • HTTPS certificates transitioned to SHA-256
  • Smartsheet Python SDK pre-alpha release
  • Picking a cloud log management service
  • Launch of Microsoft Azure AD and Office Timeline Integrations



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