Transform IT with dynamic work.

Transform IT with dynamic work.

"We’re more enabled to embrace technology and the change that it brings to companies than ever before. It has really impacted all of our lives.”

- Yousuf Khan, Partner at Ridge Ventures and former CIO




Change Management and the Future of IT

Yousuf Khan, partner at Ridge Ventures and former CIO, shares his outlook on how 2020 has ignited change across the IT function, the future of companies, and how IT teams can make a lasting impact.

Build and Support Mission-critical Apps and Solutions

Watch as we build an end-to-end solution in Smartsheet with the power to scale across your business.

Learn how IT pros like you use Smartsheet.

Watch the recording of our one-hour virtual user group to hear customers share how they use Smartsheet for IT, which includes a Q&A. Following the presentation, there is a short demo on Bridge by Smartsheet, our cross-platform automation engine.

The Admin Roadmap

Watch this session to see the latest and greatest Smartsheet capabilities for System Admins.

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