Specialty Track: Dynamic portfolio management built for change

Dynamic portfolio management built for change

“In today’s world of doing more with less, finding methods and best practices to enhance your portfolio efficiency is essential.”

- Murali Kulathumani, MBA




The New Dynamic of Portfolio Management

Murali Kulathumani shares the key components of modern portfolio management from his forthcoming book. With a back-to-basics approach, blended with innovative new technology, world-class performance is within reach.

Request Management Nirvana: How to Use Smartsheet to Master Multi-step Processes

In this session, you’ll learn how to collect information using forms and manage multi-step processes like work ticketing and vendor management.

Hear how Smartsheet customers manage their portfolios.

Watch a recording of our one-hour virtual user group to hear customers share how they use Smartsheet for portfolio management, followed by a Q&A.

Dynamic portfolio management with Smartsheet Control Center and 10,000ft

Learn best practices to make strategic decisions with portfolio management and resource management from Smartsheet.

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